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How to Do Your Christmas Shopping in London for Less

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End 2018 with more money in the bank!

Guest post by Magaly Sandiford

Sleigh bells ring, are you listening? We’re sure you are. In fact with Christmas starting in shops well ahead of schedule, you’re probably more than aware of the need to grab some gifts.

That’s a big ask in the nation’s capital. The dazzling displays of the West End and beyond are beautiful but also expensive, and not conducive to snapping up a bargain.

At times like these you really need a guide on how to save on your festive shopping. Which is where we come in, with our 5 quick and easy tips for yuletide thrift.

Follow these simple and trusted steps to ensure a hassle-free, and less financially crippling, Chrimbo…

#5 | What can you afford?


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Throwing caution to the wind is all too easily done at Christmas. However that wind sure is powerful, and can knock you off your financial feet before you know it.

Take a step back. Before you do anything, get organised. Plan, plan and plan again! Check what’s in the bank and work out what you can manage from the outset.

The sooner you begin, the jollier you’ll feel come the closing of the year. From making a list to bagging a bargain, there are resources out there that can help you focus.

#4 | Cashback

Christmas is a time for giving, and you certainly get something with cashback. This is basically receiving payment for doing your shopping. Perfect for the festive season!

We know what you’re thinking. What’s the catch? There really isn’t one, as long as you don’t sign up to a cashback service that charges you a registration fee.

Companies like TopCashBack and Quidco offer a range of opportunities to click on a deal and claw back some cash. Plus, they’re connected to the country’s top retailers.

For example, Currys/PC World gives you a cockle-warming £70 worth of cashback on tech. That’s on top of its existing sale, where many bargains can be had.

A credit card with cashback is a potential life saver during the holidays. You can get 5% off some purchases. But, as with any credit card, prompt repayment is essential, so don’t get one if you don’t have a good January job secured!

#3 | Present purge!

Santas list

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If you’ve got money in the bank, the temptation to spend on presents for family and friends is huge. Even if you’re cash-strapped, you still feel obligated to buy.

Think outside the box. In this case the gift-wrapped box! Your nearest and dearest surely deserve something special. However, does everyone else…?

By channelling your inner-Scrooge, you can make the most of Christmas funds by rationing your purchases. And of course that doesn’t mean you ignore people.

Ultimately this is the time when you spread the love. It doesn’t have to come with a bow attached. An e-card, a phone call, even a text… there’s lots of ways to do it.

#2 | Look for discounts

As we mentioned, Christmas shopping in London isn’t the cheapest option out there. Yet you can still venture out amongst the bright lights and save in small ways.

This tip’s a no brainer. You can enjoy the spectacle of the capital at Christmas without going into some of those eye-wateringly expensive shops.

London has many places to find a deal, just like any other city. By checking price comparison websites you discover who’s providing the best offers, and where.

In a Christmas market you’re able to help yourself to samples whilst savouring the festive atmos. Everyone loves to try, but it doesn’t necessarily mean they’re going to buy…!

#1 | Make your own presents


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With belts tightening across the country as well as in London, shoppers are finding increasingly creative ways to save money.

Here’s the thing. Making presents may sound like a cheapskate option, but you can come up with truly memorable results – and for the right reasons! – thanks to some amazing advice.

Also with this option all you have to do is chill at home, assembling your gifts while sipping a glass of mulled wine. Better than being bombarded with Slade down the local shopping centre…!