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How To Find Motivation For Study

Guest post by Evelina Brown

Sometimes it’s hard to get started when you have tons of homework to do. If you divide the tasks into small, achievable goals, it will be much easier to do the job. It is also important to tune-up and plan your work. Forget about your unloved schedule and start thinking creatively. Choose the best course of action and get to work. For example, it’s better to start early so as not to try to make it all in time at the last minute, but you don’t have to scold yourself too much for the delay.

Take responsibility

Do not scold yourself too much for the habit of postponing cases. If you are constantly slow or you have difficulty starting work, then trying to reprimand yourself will only make the situation worse. Do not try to blame or punish yourself as motivation. Such actions are only tiresome and distracting. Be generous to yourself in difficult moments. Admit the problem, but remember that problems are normal, and you are trying to get better.

Do not compare yourself with other classmates who get good grades. Each of us learns and works differently, so focus on your needs and abilities, and stop thinking about other people’s successes.

Let go of your worries and stop resisting. Try the free writing method or start a diary to understand your learning experiences or the specific factors that are preventing you from getting started. You may use paper writing service to let the stress factors out of your head and put the negative feelings aside. Take a deep breath and tell yourself it’s time to change your way of thinking and start working.

If you want to talk to your friend, make sure that she is ready to listen, and you will not distract her.

Tell your action plan to a loved one. When you make a plan of action, tell a friend, classmate, or relative about it. Say that you want to briefly talk about your plan and identify problems or difficulties in advance. Ask the person to control you, ask about your successes at times, or check on how you are doing.

  • Learning is a very individual and private job, but the responsibility to other people will motivate you.
  • Make an agreement with your classmate or roommate to monitor each other’s progress.
  • Tell your girlfriend that you will be able to meet if you can finish the lessons before a certain time. It is unlikely that you will want to upset your friend or miss a meeting, so use this desire to meet as a motivation to learn.

Work in a study group or with a tutor to have commitments to people. If working in a group does not prevent you from learning, work with a friend or find a study group. It is important to discuss your preferred learning style and other aspects before you begin to work to test your compatibility. Set a series of shared goals and determine how and when they should be achieved. If your group work is not for you, find a tutor with whom you can do your homework. Arrange for ahead classes, and consider these meetings as deadlines for completing tasks.

Find a tutor at your school or use a recommendation from someone you know.