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How to Recycle Your Samsung S9 in The UK

Guest post by Mahendra Bajiya

The global smartphone market is a busy one as brands like Samsung, Apple and others regularly launch new handsets. When new devices get launched in the market, it is natural for users to rush to buy them. Some users might be in a dilemma to change a flagship device like Samsung Galaxy S9. However, it is best to sell or recycle your Samsung S9 rather than keeping it in the closet or throwing it away. In this article, we will take a look at how you can recycle your old Samsung S9 and get paid for it.

How does the mobile phone recycling process work

When you send your mobile phone recycling, the recycler will check the IMEI number to confirm that the handset isn’t stolen or lost. It is a common practice for recyclers to refurbish handsets by fixing the damages and giving them a spring clean. The refurbished handsets get sold again in local or foreign markets or given out as replacement by companies to people who have lost or broken their handsets.

If the mobile phone is in no condition to get refurbished, its parts will get removed and isolated by the recycler. Some parts would get used in other handsets, while metals and plastics get melted and reused in other items.

What is the worth of your old Samsung S9?

The amount you will get for your old Samsung S9 will depend on a lot of factors. It includes the current resale value of the handset, how old it is, and interest in the market for that model. Samsung, as a brand, can help you get a decent value when you send your handset for recycling. It will also ultimately depend on how well you have maintained it. A model that is unlocked and in excellent will fetch you a decent amount.

Selling or recycling: Which is better?

Selling or recycling your old Samsung S9 will not matter much if you are not bothered about money. Most mobile buying companies have both buying and recycling facilities. So you can get a quote for recycling and selling your old handset, and decide accordingly. Irrespective of what you do, avoid throwing your old device in the trash can or keep in the closet. You can even donate it to someone who may find it useful.  Handsets contain many harmful materials that can harm the environment and animals. You can also make a little money.

Things to keep in mind before recycling mobile phones

Here are some important things you need to keep in mind before recycling old mobile phones.

  • Give a wipe to your handset with an alcohol-based cleaning agent. It will help in removing all the grime and dirt from the body.
  • Use the manual of the mobile phone to follow the specific instructions for doing a data backup.
  • You can then perform the factory reset to erase all the data available on your device. It is important as you would not want your information to land in the hands of a stranger.
  • You will then have to remove all the SD and SIM cards. It can be common to forget this step.
  • Double-check the handset to ensure all the functions are working normally. You would want to avoid issues related to the proper functioning of the handset at a later stage.
  • Make a note of the model number and IMEI number of your handset for record purpose.
  • Lastly, you will have to send the device for recycling. Give the buyer a heads up regarding your handset to avoid confusions later.

Where to recycle your old Samsung S9

There are many bulk buyers and recyclers of old mobile phones. It is important to research well and get quotes from different service providers, especially if you are looking to get the best value. Opting for a specialist mobile phone recycling company is advisable as they make the entire process seamless. You can get a quote from different companies and do a comparison to identify the best deal on offer.

To get started, you need to add the details of your device. Make sure you fill in all the details to receive an accurate quote. These companies have swift processes and quick turnaround times. The popularity of mobile phone recycling companies is on the rise as they deal in almost all handsets and brand. Once you are happy with the quote, they will send the packaging that you can use to ship the handset. Upon a successful inspection of the handset, they will make the payment. You can generally expect to receive the payment within a day or two.