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Little Shwop of Horrors

Something wicked this way comes….

Sexy devil? Animal onesie? Zombie Bride? As we all saw Cady Heron learn the hard way in Mean Girls, finding the right balance between creepy and ‘cool’ for a Halloween costume can be a difficult balance to strike. Add this to the time it takes, not to mention the money, to get a good costume together and it’s enough to put you off any creepy costume parties all together.

Fear not! To celebrate Halloween, Marks & Spencer is launching the Little Shwop of Horrors, a ‘petrifying pop-up store’ in collaboration with Oxfam. The initiative is part of Marks & Spencer’s Plan A program, using ‘Shwopping’- which aims to give clothes an afterlife of their own, by ensuring nothing ends up in landfill.

M&S and Oxfam’s Shwopping collaboration urges shoppers to donate – or ‘shwop’ – an unwanted item of clothing that will go on to be re-sold, re-used or recycled by Oxfam, cutting waste while raising much-needed funds for the charity.

Little Shwop of Horrors

m&s and oxfam shwopping

If you are in need of some costume inspiration, the Little Shwop of Horrors is your one-stop shop for Halloween outfits. Featuring some of the best ‘shwopped’ items from Oxfam stores, you can scour the shelves in search of the perfect costume – at bargain prices!

Research by M&S has shown that only half of us (52%) would re-wear items we brought for fancy dress and nearly two thirds (62%) of these costumes either get left at the back of our wardrobes or go straight in the bin after we have only worn them once- wasting money and contributing to the earth’s growing landfill problem.

So to have an eco-creepy Halloween and look suitably spooky without the mega spend, head down to the M&S Marble Arch store to get your ghoulish garments this month.
Where: Marks & Spencer, Marble Arch, 458 Oxford Street, London, W1C 1AP
Nearest Tube: Bond Street
When: The Little Shwop of Horrors Boutique is open from 9am – 9pm from Tuesday 28th – Wednesday 29th October 2014
Entry: Free – but bringing an item of clothing to shwop is encouraged!

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