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Local UK Skips Complete Guide for 100% Sustainable Use

Guest post by Kristie Shadwick

Are you going to demolish, build or renovate your home? Perhaps you’re a big fan of DIY? Then you should get acquainted with the services of London garbage disposal agencies. You can rent a skip, which will fully correspond to the dimensions and characteristics of your waste – bulky waste, toxic substances, oils, and more.

Choose the Right Skip for Your Waste

Luckily, many companies in London are ready to help you solve the “waste” issue and rent you a skip. Let’s start by taking a look at what kind of waste you can put in the UK skips:

  • Construction waste – broken bricks, metal fragments (regardless of their origin), concrete materials, parts of floor coverings, other elements, and parts of building materials;
  • Electrical waste – mobile phones, computers, televisions, monitors, printers, microwave ovens, etc.;
  • Industrial waste – gravel, masonry and concrete, scrap metal, oil, solvents, chemicals, scrap wood, and even vegetable waste from restaurants;
  • Waste oil – mineral, synthetic and semi-synthetic, motor and industrial oils;
  • Paint – waste from solvents, paints, varnishes, resins, mastic, glue, etc.;
  • Plasterboard – old sheets of drywall, fragments of new sheets;
  • Windows & doors – old windows and doors of any size, as well as their component parts;
  • Wood – the remains of timber, wood raw materials, and materials formed in the process of logging, sawmilling, woodworking, and forest maintenance felling, which do not meet product quality standards and (or) have a length and (or) width less than the minimum standard;
  • Fence panels;
  • Hazardous waste removal – this is waste that contains harmful substances that have destructive properties (toxicity, explosiveness, fire hazard, high reactivity). It also refers to substances that contain pathogens of infectious diseases or which may pose an immediate or potential threat to the natural environment and human health on their own or upon entry into contact with other substances.

Depending on the type of waste you need to dispose of, the specialists will select a suitable skip for you. This is essential, as you must dispose of your waste in accordance with the requirements of the relevant authorities and agencies. Besides, disposal agencies can help you avoid financial overruns. Since modern companies take a responsible approach to their work and to each client, they receive a license and insurance from the Environmental Agency.

Which Types of Waste Shouldn’t You Put In The Skips?

Despite the versatility of the skips, some types of waste are best disposed of individually with the involvement of specialists. The list of categories of waste that are prohibited from being thrown into the skips is not too long. Below are the most common positions:

  • Glass thermometers. These contain up to 500 mg of mercury. Once outside, it gradually settles on the walls and emits harmful fumes. Heavy metal is capable of poisoning the environment for a long time, and in turn, people;
  • Medicines. Modern pharmaceuticals are potent chemicals that can poison the soil and groundwater, no weaker than pesticides. They also pose a danger to wildlife;
  • Aerosol bottles. Compressed gas bottles are widely used in everyday life and medicine. Each of them is explosive. At any moment, they can explode under the pressure of debris and cause a fire.

So, if you rent a skip from a professional agency for bulky construction waste and have a couple of used cans for baiting rodents, do not throw them in! Instead, it is better to contact the specialists, and they will tell you how to proceed further.

What Types of Skips Can You Rent?

A skip is a specialised container used to collect household or construction waste, mainly of high-strength plastic or metal. For your convenience, an agency can offer various skips:

  • Asbestos skip. This is a 21–24-foot skip with a 7m3 bag for the garbage container;
  • Drop-end skip. It is a regular skip with a single end that drops to create a ramp, available in 12-foot, 18-foot, and 24-foot sizes;
  • Garden waste skip. These skips are perfect for grass, leaves, and twigs to weeds, soil, turf, and lawn garbage;
  • Rubble skip. It is a 24-foot skip to collect construction waste like rubble, cement, and stone;
  • Commercial skip. These are large commercial skips for large volumes of bulky waste.
  • Domestic skip. Small or medium-sized containers for DIY waste collection;
  • Roll-on/Roll-off skips. These skips have a huge capacity and can be rolled;
  • Mini skip. These are mini, environmentally friendly, and sustainable skips. As a rule, waste disposal companies rent them out at very affordable prices.

In 2019, Peter Fleming of the UK Local Government Association said that the W2E factories were doing a great job in an interview with the BBC. But the problem, he said, was the lack of companies that would provide containers for refuse collection for hire. So, today, modern waste disposal agencies are making an invaluable contribution to this and serving Central London, East London, and North London,

Let’s Get to The Bottom of it

So, numerous garbage disposal agencies have an extensive range of skips that they are ready to rent to you. You need to identify the type of waste correctly, and their experienced staff will provide the right skip for you. They work honestly and transparently to pull every effort to make London cleaner and friendlier.