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London for a Student: Check Out the Best Entertainment Options

Checking out the best entertainment options  for a student visiting London

Guest post by Carrie Mercer

Whatever your interests lie and whatever the size of your budget, it’s literally impossible to run out of things to do in London. Being a homeland for some impressive landmarks, the city becomes even more charming when those are lit during the night. There’s no surprise that all of London’s charm comes with the price.

As a London university student, you may have already noticed that life in London is a little ex…well, okay, a little bit expensive. Basically, you can feel the same disappointment following one of the uncountable ‘fun things to do in London’ links to end up reading a list of activities that can be called nor fun, neither on a student’s budget. To make it simple, to end up staying in your room writing posts on your social media accounts, the assigned essay, either watching your favourite movie for the third time.

Still, it doesn’t mean that it’s impossible to see the city on a budget, and there are no excuses for taking inactive part in local social life either to let the service cost put you off going beyond Big Ben. And, who knows, maybe the evenings in London were originally created for space exploration, trips to thematic places, live music venues, and cringe-worthy comic nights?

Anyway, you are probably in the right place to find some tips about what things to do in London for less or for free.

Have a Laugh Therapy Visiting a Local Comedy Club

Undoubtedly, lectures and essay writing are the most time-consuming activities of every learner. But, even if you need to complete several tasks under extremely tough deadlines, there always needs to be some free space left for your out-of-university life. To find your way out this dilemma, be sure to check out our free essays database to find samples on how to make the most out of your student’s experience.

The perfect first step to de-stress yourself is to laugh the night away with an outstanding comedians’ performance. Paying absolutely nothing, you can enjoy some of the best rising comedian talents together with some of the biggest names on the circuit. The samples of clubs organising free comedy nights in London are provided below.

  • The Top Secret Comedy Club
  • Angel Comedy
  • The Comedy Store

Experience the Wonders of the Night Sky

What about the pure magic of a night-space? No, we mean that literally!

The Moon Exhibition at the National Maritime Museum

Always dreamed to look at the Moon from the new perspective? Lunar samples from Apollo missions, NASA equipment that traveled to the moon and back, details of the camera that captured some of the oldest space photos of the previous century, moon-inspired artworks and many-many others – if the examples sound interesting for you, visit a National Maritime Museum.

Working hours: 10am-5pm
Entry fee: £5.85 for students.

Universe explorers should also visit:

Peter Harrison Planetarium: Tour the Universe: enjoy your online journey through space and time, right to the moment when the Universe was created.

Wonderlab: The Space Descent VR With Tim Peake: virtual reality will make you feel like you are the capsule’s pilot on your out-of-this-world way.

Move to the Night-Rhythms of London

The Social

The Social regularly holds various live music events, DJs’ performance, as well as free quiz nights at the heart of London. Although there are no specific students nights at The Social, weekly events such as Hip-Hop Karaoke, Hot-Wuk Wednesdays, and Heavenly Social offer discounted entry rates.

Working hours: 15:30pm to 00:00am.
Entry fee: Up to £5.00 per person (arrive before 9 pm to get a discount).

The Roxy

This bar may be reasonably considered as another place worth losing a night. Unlike the previous venue, this is one offers a wide set of discounts for students. Plus, student nights are common practice for this modern club. The preferred music here is club classics as techno, electro, and hip-hop.

Working hours: 10 pm-3 am
Entry fee: £5.00 per person (£4.00 with a flyer) 

Experience Quirky London Too

These are definitely not for the late visits, but both sights are somehow special with their explicit simplicity and authentic feeling of the local history created by its citizens. If you are fancy about getting new perspectives on familiar things – these are probably for you!

Tour to Wilton’s Music Hall

To discover the extensive history behind people, events, and performers who influenced the creation of the Wilton the world knows today.

Entry fee: £8 per person.
Working hours: 5-11 pm.

Highgate Cemetery

Perhaps, a 50 thousand graves’ cemetery isn’t a place you expected to see in your recommendations’ list, but believe us – this finest funerary architecture probably worth a visit. The cemetery is a place to remember S. Noble, G. Eliot, K. Marx, and many other names worth mentioning.

Entry fee: £4 per person.
Working hours: 10 am-4 pm

We all search for some inspiration from time to time. In its turn, London holds entertainment for any pocket and, sometimes, even for the empty one. So do yourself a favour and dedicate several bedtime hours to add bright tones to your monochrome routine (making the most out of London on a student’s budget, of course).