Dragon Boat Festival 2014 - Broke in London

Dragon Boat Festival 2014

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36 dragon boat racing teams battle it out for 4 cups

The London Hong Kong Dragon Boat Festival returns to London Regatta Centre on Sunday 29th June. This year’s festival, the 19th sees 36 race teams battling it out for 4 different cups, bringing both fierce competition and nautical drama to Royal Albert Dock.

Although one of the fastest growing sports worldwide, the Dragon Boat Festival originates from ancient southern central China as far back as 2,500 years ago when it took place along the banks of Yangtze River, around the same time as the Olympic Games began in Greece. The festival is also regarded as the original regatta.

London Chinatown Lions Club originally organised the Dragon Boat Festival in London’s Docklands as a charity fundraiser for Chinese schools in London and the South East. Now, with support from the Hong Kong Economic and Trade Office, the event is co-organised by the London Chinese Community Centre and the Hong Kong Executives Club. Dragon Boat Festival has now developed into a major cultural attraction for London, bringing 10,000 attendees last year with more expected in 2014.

London Hong Kong Dragon Boat 2014

Pic taken by Dragon Boat Facebook Page

The festival provides an excellent opportunity to experience Chinese culture and on the day there will be a food festival offering the flavours of Eastern Asia, live music and entertainment on the two East West sound stages including Britain’s Got Talent 2014 finalists, dancer Kieran Lai and comedian Jenson Zhu, martial arts displays, the Post Olympic Dance Group featuring volunteers from the Olympics and Paralympics, traditional lion dancing and more.

Europe’s most spectacular dragon boat event will undoubtedly benefit from its waterside location as the prevailing warm weather is set to continue. The London Hong Kong Dragon boat Festival is being held at the London Regatta Centre, Dockside Road, London E16 2QT on Sunday 29th June with races and entertainment running from 10am ’til 6pm.

What: London Hong Kong Dragon Boat Festival 2014
Where: London Regatta Centre, Dockside Road E16 2QT
When: Sunday 29th June, 10am – 6pm
Cost: Free

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