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London Marathon: Why is it popular

What you need to know

Guest post by Avery Turne

Do you love charity? Is running a marathon among your lifetime dreams? If you answered yes to any of the questions, then perhaps it is time you considered taking part in the next London Marathon. Here is why:

#1 | Amazing atmosphere

London Marathon has a reputation for being a celebration of generosity and community spirit. People don’t just come here to run and cheer; they come to offer themselves for a noble course. The 26-mile stretch is filled by over 50K athletes from all walks of life, each one of them with a unique charitable spirit and story to share. Thousands of jubilant supporters, on the other hand, line up the streets of London and cheer their hearts out. You will be amazed by this awesome reception and spirit.

People raise money for cancer patients- who are basically kids- as well as other patients currently struggling with different terminal and chronic ailments. Age, expertise, and other hindering factors will not stop anyone from giving to charity. This is your chance to shine in your own little way and get people to cheer you on no matter how unworthy you consider yourself to be. Winning here is defined by how much you raise, not how fast you run.

#2 | Charity is always a worthy course

By the end of the day, you will be feeling absolutely amazing and proud of yourself for touching a young person’s heart. The amount of money you will have raised will be the icing of the cake. As a matter of fact, you will experience a rollercoaster of emotions leading up to the marathon and even after completing the marathon; it will be quite hard for you to believe that you did it. You will cry, you will laugh, and you will congratulate yourself… all emotions running through you simultaneously and fast. It is an incredible feeling.

Bottom line: London is a great way to raise money for a good cause. No feeling beats the feeling of doing something for a great cause and achieving a dream for yourself in the process.

#3 | A chance to run in a marathon

If you ever dreamed of running in a marathon, why not fulfill that dream while doing something selfless for children at the London Marathon? You will have the chance to test your running prowess against the best in the world, without feeling the pressure of outperforming them. And who knows, maybe you will surprise yourself by coming close to winning the whole thing; maybe you will be among the pacesetters for the bigger part of the race. That would be a great way to achieve a dream.

As Tamsin, Team Plan 2016, put it sometimes back, anyone with the will to run a marathon can run a marathon. If you really want to do it – you can do it! What’s more, you will have a chance to train professionally with professional runners, skills that will come in handy for you later in life.

#4 | A great social event

If you are looking for a great fun day for your group of friends or for your young family, then the London Marathon would be a great choice for you. This would be a great day to take part in the free walking tour in London and enjoy the awesome entertainment along the streets. If you are a visitor, the Marathon offers you the perfect excuse to tour the city on foot and to get answers to all the questions about the city from its natives. That’s if you won’t be running yourself. And in case one of your loved ones is taking part, then which is a better way to show him/her support and love than this time?

While at it, making new friends is easy-peasy during the Marathon. You will meet new people with the same charity spirit as you do, the same buoyant cheering spirit as you do, and many more. You will definitely have a lot to chat about before the close of business.

Bottom line

The London Marathon is a race for anyone, so you will not be hindered by your (in)abilities. This is a great opening for you to fulfill your running ambitions and at the same time do something that will make you proud for the rest of your life. Just go ahead and register the next time you have the time.