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Megazine – An Entire Art Community in Your Pocket

Guest post by Matto Mariotti, photographer and co-founder of Megazine

The Information Age has connected us like never before, providing endless encounters in the digital sphere. Yet, paradoxically we have never been so far apart from each other. 

Megazine is a London zine that brings together 40 local artists, giving them space for self-expression and the exposure that they deserve. Committed to materiality, Megazine is designed to live a physical life in our physical world.

During 2020, Matto and Rafa thought about how to adorn the city with their artwork. Inspired by Banksy, they wanted to share art for free and at the same time help low key creatives like themselves, as they know it’s not easy to get exposure in London. So, they decided to print on paper, share their zine with more artists and art lovers, and create something that will connect people.

Megazine - An Entire Art Community in Your Pocket

Grab your free copy in selected shops around London

Artists can submit their work to Megazine for free. All they have to do is follow the guidelines on the Megazine submission page and upload five images of their best work.

A limited number of copies will be made available for everyone to collect in selected shops around London for free. This Zine is a community, and by holding it in your hand, you become a real part of it too.

Londoners, get to know the upcoming artists of your city before they’re known. Keep an eye out for your next copy!

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