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my John Lewis Membership Card

free hot drink and a cake!

If you are a regular visitor of John Lewis, you should definitely apply for a membership card. If you aren’t you should also get one of these my John Lewis free membership cards. There are a bunch of good reasons for doing that.

Why? Simply because:

1. You get a free cake and a hot drink of your choice in any John Lewis store once per month!
2. It’s Free to register
3. You receive offers and rewards
4. You get invitations to exclusive special events
5. You enter into a regular prize draw every time you use your my John Lewis card
6. You don’t have anything to lose!

Free monthly cake and a hot drink with my John Lewis

Pic taken by John Lewis website

You can either sign up online (You will first need to register for an online account and then to sign up for receiving your my John Lewis membership card) or in store by asking to join my John Lewis at the till.

Here is a tip: You should ask for a membership card in every big retailer that you visit on a regular basis.

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