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mYPad Container Homes in London

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Shipping Container Homes for £75 a week!

Have you ever been to a pop up shop at Boxpark in Shoreditch? If your answer is yes, then imagine if one of these shops was your home for just £75 a week!

If that sounds exciting then listen to this: The Forest Young Man’s Christian Association (FYMCA) has been granted planning permission to create 2 sites of mYPad Container Homes in Waltham Forest, East London! Each mYPad container home will include cooking facilities, microwave, an en-suite bathroom, air conditioning and a flatscreen TV! The project aims to help young Londoners find a cheap place to stay independently.

So thumbs up to FYMCA for this great initiative and lets hope that the project will go well and we’ll see mYPads in more areas of London in the future!

You can read the full article on and find more about the project through FYMCA’s website.

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