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National Portrait Gallery Film Series

Film Series: Movement in Light: Pure Figures in Motion

by Jen

Every Thursday and Friday evening, the National Portrait Gallery hosts “Late Shift” events that run until 21:00. You can wander the gallery, take tours, maybe listen to some music and get a drink at the bar.


This screening explores the works on Man Ray and his contemporaries. Man Ray  was an American Modernist whose work contributed to the DaDa and Surrealist movements. He is considered to many, to be one of the most influential artists of the 20th century.
Where: National Portrait Gallery:  Ondaatje Wing Theatre
When: April 12th 7.00pm-8.00pm

Film Programme:

  • A Colour Box, by Len Lye (1935)
  • Loops, by Norman McLaren (1940)
  • Dots, by Norman McLaren (1940)
  • Vice Versa Et Cetera, by Simon Payne (2010)
  • Dresden Dynamo, by Lisa Rhodes (1971)
  • Mothlight, by Stan Brakhage (1963)
  • Blackout, by Aldo Tambellini (1965)
  • Early Abstractions, by Harry Smith (1939 – 1956)

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National Portrait Gallery Film Series