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Online and On-site Weekly Meditation Classes in London – Always Free

Guest post by Ziya

True meditation is an invaluable prize, sought high and low since ages. A state of inner bliss, in which those endlessly buzzing thoughts can slow down to a complete stop, and you enjoy a deep, rejuvenating silence. As if you’ve dived to the quiet depths of the ocean, away from the choppy waves of our hectic lives, and somehow come closer to the unmoving axis of the universe. Yet, who would’ve known? It’s easily available – and free of charge – right here, in the heart of London. No need to renounce your worldly possessions, head for the Himalayas, or set aside ten years or so in hope of spiritual enlightenment. That’s right, all you have to do is hop along to one of Sahaja Yoga’s regular weekly classes whenever you’ve got an hour or so spare, and experience for yourself the amazing state of ‘thoughtless awareness’, unique to this method. They’ve been serving local communities in London for more than 40 years. Attend as many times as you like, it’s always free. With the pandemic, a lot of their classes went online (join from the comfort of your home), but a few have returned to their old venues in London – links and info below.

A powerful ancient system, perfect for modern times

Sahaja Yoga is natural, easy, and powerful. With hardly any effort, and the help of their meeting host, the guided meditations leave most people feeling very relaxed and refreshed. All the sessions include an introduction to the basics. There is no need to make a booking in advance, or any special equipment. And, after your very first meeting, you will have learnt enough to start meditating at home by yourself. Sahaja Yoga is an effective, proven method to achieve stress-relief (check it out; there’s loads of medical research carried out into its amazing benefits). Regular practice can have a positive impact on the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual levels, and lead to significant personal transformation.

It’s very practical – just give yourself ten minutes a day for increased clarity, all-around well-being, and the opportunity to ‘hit the reset button’. It can also be as profound as you like – check out its depths at your leisure, and explore fundamental questions, like, “Why are we here?”. (The sages of old who retired to secluded places in mountains and jungles would probably be jealous it’s so easily accessible).

There’s also a lively art, music and culture scene among regular practitioners – who love getting together for creative projects. Dive in and explore a new world of discoveries, both inside and outside.

And here’s a guided meditation that people can easily follow straight away.


Useful links: (there’s a list of regular online meetings on the homepage) (people can follow a recorded guided meditation and try it from the comfort of their homes, or find out about & join the free weekly programmes every Tuesday evening)