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Pay per minute Cafe in London

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 The first ever pay per minute Cafe 

Have you ever thought about paying per minute the time you spend in a coffee place rather than paying the coffee or the cake that you would order? Well, someone had this idea before you and now London is glad to host the first pay-per-minute cafe, called Ziferblat. The cafe is located in the hearth of Shoreditch (388 Old Street, EC1V 9LT) and it is almost like your grandpa’s cozy living room, with a selection of stylish retro furniture.

Ziferblat was conceived as a place where everyone can feel at home and do whatever he likes in the limit of respecting the space and the other people. You will help yourself with drinks and even food if you like! Finally, how much do you have to pay per minute? The price is really good indeed, just 5p (£3 per hour! not that bad right?). Make your own calculations and look at the value for money if you compare this cafe to a normal one!!

What: Ziferblat pay per minutecafe
Where: 388 Old Street, EC1V 9LT, Shoreditch
Opening Times: Open daily from 10am-midnight
Cost: 5p / minute

Pay per minute cafe in London

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Pay per minute cafe in London

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