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Project Awesome – Free Fitness Movement in London

Free fitness sessions at More London and Primrose Hill

Project Awesome is the ultimate workout in London. It’s a unique combination of working out, being around tons of lovely encouraging people just waiting to become friends, appreciation for the beauty of this wonderful city and a lingering coffee afterwards. There’s something about being at a Project Awesome session before doing anything else that sets you up to have a fantastic day.

Getting to the session for 6:30am is often the biggest hurdle but once you’re there, the sunrise over Tower Bridge and the privilege of seeing the world before anyone else makes the early alarm call worth it.

Project Awesome

Running in Southbank

The sessions cater to every individual, whether you’ve spent your life sofa-surfing or are about to compete in the Olympics. There is a mixture of stair-climbing, running loops around a nearby building and crossing Tower Bridge while around you the sun rises and your fellow attendees encourage you along. That’s another thing that happens, an unspoken understanding that whether you’ve been attending for months or you came for the first time last week, you are greeted with warmth and you immediately know that these (until a few minutes ago) relative strangers want you to do well at the session.

The sessions take place Wednesdays at The Scoop at More London and Fridays at Primose Hill and will throw something new at you every time. Sometimes it’s squatting in time to a song, sometimes it’s a Mexican wave of burpees and sometimes it’s stopping mid-run to have a little dance.

Project Awesome

Richard Murgatroyd Photography

When you look around the café afterwards while having coffee and breakfast, you’re surrounded by Project Awesome success stories. There are friendships formed, confidences built and marathons run. The amount of ‘extra curricular’ activities that you can also get involved with are plentiful, as Project Awesome has a monthly Spoken Word evening, as well as nights out and a supper club. There are also Project Awesome groups set up in Edinburgh and Bristol!

Check out the upcoming events here and find more free fitness classes in London here.

Project Awesome

Project Awesome group picture

What: Free fitness classes at The Scoop and at Primrose Hill
Where: Mondays:  Wednesdays at The Scoop, Tower Bridge, 6:30am – Fridays at Primrose Hill, 6:30am
Cost: Free