How to Road Trip around Australia When You’re Broke - Broke in London

How to Road Trip around Australia When You’re Broke

From finding cheap flights to budget accommodation

Guest post by Maria Taylor

Holidaying in Australia is on just about everyone’s bucket list. But what’s a broke guy or gal living in London supposed to do? Go anyway? Damn straight. You can still have a fantastic holiday in the land down under even when you don’t have much to spend.

How to get cheap flights

Holidaying in Australia doesn’t have to be massively expensive, especially not when road tripping around the country. The most expensive part of your holiday is going to be how you get there. However, flights from London to Australia aren’t always as expensive as you might think. Each state or territory in Australia has its own international airport so you can fly in to any of the major cities. If you’re looking at visiting the east coast and travelling down the coastal routes, you can fly into Brisbane from Heathrow for £1,250 or if travelling up the east coast, you can get flights to Melbourne for just over £1,300. No matter which airport you choose to head to, you’ll find flights of similar prices all along the east coast of Australia.

How to road trip around Australia when you’re broke

Road tripping is perhaps one of the cheapest possible ways to travel around Australia. It’s also one of the best ways to see all the stunning scenery on offer. You’ll see more of the country and experience a more unique and localised visit. The cheapest way to road trip around Australia is to buy a used vehicle instead of renting. How is that possible? The used car market in Australia is pretty cheap and when going for an extended vacation, it actually becomes cheaper to buy a good quality used 4×4 for a true outback experience than renting one. For example, renting a Subaru Forester with a bike rack to do a little adventuring in the outback can cost up to $10,000 AUD for 2 months. While a similar used 4×4 will cost you about the same price up front, but you’ll get most if not all of that back when you resell before your trip ends.

How to Road Trip around Australia When You’re Broke

Pic taken from Pixabay

Cheapest Australian accommodation

The absolute cheapest accommodation in Australia is always going to be your own camping tent. You can rent camping equipment when you get there or simply buy your own. Instead of renting or buying a used 4×4 you can instead opt for a camper trailer or even caravan to keep things cheap and simple but with a little more luxury. If camping out doesn’t do it for you, then you can always find cheap accommodation in Australia through Airbnb. Getting a private room staying in Sydney with the harbour right on your doorstep is only going to set you back $78 per night. However, when road tripping in Australia we expect you won’t spend too long checking out the big cities, instead opting for a more authentic Australian experience. For example, a private room along the water on Tasmania’s east coast would make an excellent stopping point before heading to the nearby airport for just $45 a night.