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Saving Money On Your Shaving Routine

Guest post by Emine Goksu

Lots of men are ready to change their shaving methods since they started visiting barbers and fell in love with throat razor cutting. Despite the fear of some who lack the confidence to do the cutting without harm, consumerism is taking over frugality, and the number of benefits of coming back to this traditional form of shaving is impressive. In the age of sustainability and conscious consumption, the switch from disposable razors to straight razors has nothing to do with the love of the vintage. Do you know you can save money by switching to a cut-throat razor?

Is traditional grooming cheaper?

When disposable razors appeared, they seemed so convenient and hygienic that they quickly gained popularity. Replacing straight razors seemed to be the most reasonable solution, as lots of men were still a bit afraid of doing the grooming by themselves.

Modern razors still may be considered convenient by some, and quite affordable, at least at least until we don’t count how much we have to spend on replacement blades. It’s a classic example of the razor-and-blade business model, where the initial tool is inexpensive, but the essential components become a constant financial drain.

On the contrary, when you decide to use a straight razor, you make a decision that can bring benefits for a lifetime, which means even if you pay for it more at the beginning, you will avoid extra costs every week or month to buy spare blades.

Investment for the lifetime

Disposable razors can’t be treated as an investment of a lifetime, quite the opposite of quality straight razors, which withstand the test of time. Not only were they made of durable materials and designed with precision, but they can also be handed down through generations. The motif of a straight razor is even present in lots of Hollywood movies, and now you can start your own family tradition.

Coming back to the cost of using a straight razor when compared to disposable razors The longevity of the former greatly decreases the cost of using it because, even with the higher cost of purchase, the maintenance and the lack of necessity of blade replacements put the straight razor in a beneficial position.

The art of self-sharpening

It wouldn’t be fair to claim that once you buy a straight razor, you will be able to use it with perfection and ease. If you have ever watched an old movie, you probably remember that men used a special tool to sharpen the razor.

You don’t have to worry, though, as modern straight razors are designed for easy maintenance, which doesn’t require you to spend more money. You need some basic tools and a bit of practice to master the art of self-sharpening. When you reach your goal, you will completely reduce the cost of using shaving equipment.

Learning the art of self-sharpening will likely have one more benefit for you and your shaving routine. Somehow, by learning how to sharpen the razor, men start creating a surprising connection with their grooming routine.

How much can you save?

Those who are still not convinced that investing in a straight razor is cost-saving should definitely analyse the numbers. An average man spends over £20 a month on spare razors, and almost 30 when they also shave their heads. Can you count how much you can save a year using a traditional razor for one year, two years, or even a decade? Why don’t you go for such a solution?

A saving money eco-friendly solution

It’s easy to predict that everyone will enjoy a solution that is not only really simple to introduce into an everyday routine but also states an idea for helping the environment. Imagine how many disposable razors a man can use in a week, then a month, or a year. Disposable razors obviously contribute to the growing plastic waste crisis.

Use a straight razor, and not only your wallet will show the difference. The earth will feel grateful for your efforts to reduce plastic usage.