Staycation Destinations: Brighton - Broke in London

Staycation Destinations: Brighton

Why Visit Brighton?

Guest Post by Ben Allen

Brighton stands out amongst the available choices for several reasons.

Firstly, the city is accessible. If you’re based in the south, then you’ll be able to catch a train to Brighton from just about everywhere. But even if you’re travelling from further afield, the city boasts excellent transport links both by rail and by road.

Secondly, Brighton provides a sizeable dollop of natural splendour. For millions of British tourists, a few weeks spent in the company of sun, surf and sand is a perfect way to unwind during summer. And since a trip to the Mediterranean now looks a little less tantalising than it once did, seaside towns like Brighton might make a worthy alternative.

Finally, we should mention Brighton’s enviable cultural heritage and history. It’s home to a diverse range of smaller retailers in the iconic lanes, and to unique historic buildings like the Royal Pavilion, which served as a holiday-home for royalty before passing into the hands of the local council.

What to make time for

If you’re planning a trip to the south coast, it’s worth making time for a few key attractions. We’ve already mentioned the Lanes and the Pavilion, but what about the famous pier, and the British Airways i360 tower? If you’re heading there for a few days, and you’re unsure what the weather’s going to be like, then save the indoor attractions, like the Sea Life Centre, for when the weather’s on the rainy side.

Picked up the habit of long walks? Even though Brighton is better known for being “London-by-the-sea” it is also home to blissful and scenic countryside. In fact, some of the best trails in the south east can be found around Brighton and Hove. Easily accessible by bus, you will find landmarks such as Devil’s Dyke and Ditchling Beacon with stunning views, breath-taking sunsets and somewhat important – pubs nearby or at the end of the trails.

As far as food goes, the city has an enormous amount to offer, the consumption of which is only slightly complicated by the anti-coronavirus measures. As you might expect from a city as progressive and varied as Brighton, there’s plenty on offer for those on vegetarian or vegan diets – this part of the country made the switch to plant-based before it became cool elsewhere, so you’ll find a little bit more maturity when it comes to the available options.

This being a seaside town, you’ll also find plenty of traditional chip shops and ice cream parlours up and down the seafront – pop in spontaneously and pick up the classics, and then go and explore the beach!