Stolen Ride helps You to Find your Stolen Bike - Broke in London

Stolen Ride helps You to Find your Stolen Bike

Find your stolen bike through Stolen Ride’s community!

You just had an amazing evening out with your friends, you get out of the pub ready to ride back home and …f***[email protected]?! Your bike is missing! This can be an extremely disappointing scenario, especially if you’re broke and cannot afford to buy a new one. However, it’s quite common to more people than you can imagine. Well, London is so big that you would need a massive team of friends to help you and actually this is possible today thanks to Stolen Ride.

What’s Stolen Ride?

It’s a free service that utilises the power of social networking and community spirit, with the aim of locating stolen bikes from London.

How does it work?

If your bike is stolen, you can tweet the bike’s details (model, unique features), location and a photo to @StolenRide on Twitter. Then the London based community will help you locate it by retweeting the post so that everyone can keep an eye out for the bike. Every stolen ride gets pulled automatically into the website to further extend the exposure and users can easily connect directly with the bike owner through Twitter.

Stolen Ride

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Finally if you aren’t on Twitter and don’t want to join, there’s no problem as you can still see all the posts on the website or on the Stolen Ride Facebook page.

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