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The Boomerang Generation: A Guide To Moving Back In With Your Parents

Moving back in with your parents can offer financial benefits but can also be stressful.

Contributed by Debbie Fletcher

So you’ve decided to move back in with your parents. This isn’t always an easy decision to make – while some may feel like it is a step backwards, it can actually help you to take many steps forwards. Whether it’s because you’ve just finished university, looking to save for a mortgage or your financial situation has changed, it can be a practical move to go back and live with your parents. So if you’re ready to head back home, this guide will help to make it as easy and smooth as possible.

#1 | Store your stuff

This can be a difficult situation, especially if you were living in a house you had furnished yourself. However, just because you’re moving back in with your folks doesn’t mean you have to sell all of your belongings (especially if you intend to find your own place). Instead, look at getting a self-storage unit. Storage providers, such as Cubic Storage, have a range of sizes to suit your needs. And don’t worry about security either, most providers will have great measures in place to ensure your belongings are protected. It’s always a sensible idea to check what security is in place before you take out a unit to ensure you’re satisfied with the situation.

#2 | Make sure they know your plans

The first thing you should do before you start unpacking is to be clear with your parents about what your plans are. While they’ll probably love having you back with them, it’s a good idea to be open about what your plans are.

Things to consider:

  • Are you moving back home while you find a job?
  • To save for a deposit for a house?
  • To save for travelling?

Let them know what your goals are and any targets you have, are you wanting to save £2,000 in six months? Being honest will mean they know where they stand and will understand how their circumstances might change. For instance, their electricity and water bills are likely to rise with another person in the home – more if your partner is also moving in with you.

#3 | Think like a roommate

While you’re their child, not their roommate, you should think about what happens when you head out. It’s still very important to enjoy yourself, however they may not appreciate you banging doors at 3am. This comes back to being open and honest with them. Will you be buying your own food for the house? Are you contributing to bills? Ask your parents about these early on so you know where you stand – then you’ll know then if you can help yourself to milk in the fridge and take long baths.

#4 | Be prepared to help

Once you move back home with your parents, it might be easy to slip back into how it was when you were younger. However, picking up the vacuum and doing the dishes will go down well with your folks. It might be a good idea to set out a plan for what you will do around the house each week.

#5 | Don’t forget your goals

It can be daunting moving back home but don’t lose sight of why you’ve done it. When you settle into your new room back under your parents’ roof, make a list of the reasons why you’ve decided to move back and always keep that in mind – once you reach your goal, you’ll thank yourself.