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Things to Check before Taking Your MOT Test

Guest post by Liz Mcarty

There is nothing worse than a major fail on your MOT test – that is, unless it is a fail for minor reasons that you could have sorted had you merely thought about them! That irritation, however, is easy to avoid if you think ahead.

As soon as you book your MOT test draw up a list of all the superficial things that will be checked by the MOT inspector and make sure that you will pass them all.

The Exterior

Walk around your vehicle and have a look at it. Think about things that the inspector will be looking for – and if you are not sure, copies of the test can be found online, giving you detailed list of things that the inspector is legally bound to check. Cracks or damage to the windscreens should be noted, the windscreen wipers on the back and the front should be operational, with windscreen wiper fluid reservoirs filled up, and your number plate should be clean, firmly fixed and in good condition.


Check your oil, make sure your brake fluid is at the optimal levels, and make sure the radiator is topped off too. Of course, you must make sure you have enough fuel to get to and from the testing centre too!

Lights and Horn

Other people on the road must be able to see and avoid you if necessary, so ensure that your horn and lights are working well. Get someone to help you with the lights, standing in front of and then behind the car as you activate all the lights, from brake lights to hazards. Beep your horn when you are off the road and you are sure that you will not startle anyone. If your lights and horn seem weak, check your battery and make sure it is in good condition too.

Sit in the Driving Seat

Finally, sit in the driving seat and check your visibility in all directions. You must be able to see out of the windows, there should be nothing in the back seat intruding into your view, and your mirrors should be present, in good condition, clean and positioned in such a way as to maximise your visibility.

Once you have checked off all the quick and easy tests that you can, making such repairs as you find necessary, you can get your MOT Test certificate in London from Elite; a DVSA approved garage that offers economical rates.