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7 Tips for Attending Careers Fairs

Ways to get the most out of Careers Fairs

By Manolis Zografakis

Whether you’re looking for your dream job, want to socialise, meet professionals or just want to try out your interview skills then you  just need to attend to a careers fair. A job fair or career fair can bring you closer to a range of industries and exhibitors and let you discuss with them, exchange views and ask questions. 

The best months for attending a career fair are October and November, however there are  plenty of fairs taking place during the rest of the months. You can find upcoming job fairs on Eventbride.

Below you will find some basic but essential tips for getting the most out of Careers Fairs.

#1 Do your research

Consider the careers fair that you are going to attend as a job interview. Do a research about the companies that are participating because it can be a good opportunity to have a short interview with some of them!

#2 Prepare your pitch

It’s true that practice makes you better so try to be able to explain perfectly in less than a minute what you have to offer and always remember the 7 second rule.

7 Tips for Attending Careers Fairs

First Impression

#3 Have plenty of copies of your CV and  update your LinkedIn profile

Have your CV ready and print lots of copies because you will need to give them to many recruiters.  Moreover, make sure your LinkedIn profile is polished because nowadays one of the first things employers do is to check the candidate’s Linkedin profile. Finally, if you are a freelancer or self employed print your own business card and don’t forget to bring a dozen of them with you.

#4 Keep records

Track everything! Get business cards, fliers, keep notes and write down all the names of the people you have talked to. Be curious!

#5 Go alone

It’s better to attend careers fairs alone as this will help you being more focused on your goal. Which is your goal? To meet as many recruiters as you can and do lots of interviews so that you get familiar with the process! If you go with your best mate you will probably end up discussing about everything except the job fair itself.

#6 Dress to impress

Remember the 7 second rule, first impression matters! Therefore, dress professionally and pay attention to your body language, including your handshake, facial expressions, eye contact and your voice.

Before a Job Interview

Infographic taken by theundercoverrecruiter.com/

#7 Follow Up

Always follow up with an email or a phone call to each employer or representative you spoke with at the career fair. Remember to follow up within a day or two after attending the career fair and make sure to mention some key points of your conversation. This will keep you and your resume fresh in their minds.

Find below some great careers fairs in London for 2015 that you shouldn’t miss:

tips for attending careers fairs

pic taken by studenttimes.org

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