Top 5 Cheapest European Destinations for Winter, 2019 - Broke in London

Top 5 Cheapest European Destinations for Winter, 2019

Explore 5 Budgeted European Getaways for this Winter

Blog Post by Isabella Hills

Traveling across Europe could be an intimidating experience. With so many countries situated closely with one another, each offering its own culture, art, and lifestyle to be explored. Traveling in Europe could be fairly expensive. As it is fused with a variety of different cultures, civilisations, art, architecture and so on, therefore visiting each city is worth it.

From expensive airline tickets, speed trains, tours to fancy accommodations visiting Europe could eat away all your budget. However, there is good news with the rise of sharing economy and cheap airline tickets options traveling around Europe on a budget could be made easy. Check out JustFly for the cheapest possible flights.

Living in London is already very heavy on the pocket. The thought of taking a break and going on a holiday feels almost impossible. Luckily, there are a lot of alluring affordable destinations around Europe which are great for a perfect winter getaway. So here are broken in London’s top 5, budget destinations in Europe.

#1 | Prague, Czech Republic

Top 5 Cheapest European Destinations for Winter, 2019

Prague – Pic taken from Pixabay

Prague is the perfect place for a winter fairytale. From its snowcapped peaks, beautiful ancient monuments to its cobblestone walkways it should be on top of your travel list for this winter. With minimum crowd during this winter, stroll through enticing Prague castle and get captivated by its immense beauty during night time.

Walkthrough one of the most recognisable bridges in Europe, known as the Charles Bridge on a cold winter night. Next, don’t forget to visit Prague most important Christian church situated within the grounds of Prague Castle. If you crave a cup of a warm hot chocolate hit up a local café to escape the cold. Make sure to also visit the highlight of Prague’s New Town which is the beautiful Wenceslas Square.

Air Tickets: starting from £47
Currency:Czech Crown (CZK)
Average food budget per day: £8-11 per person
Accommodation per person:  $18-23 per person

#2 | Venice, Italy

Top 5 Cheapest European Destinations for Winter, 2019

Venice – Pic taken from Pixabay

Venice is one of the most top European tourist attractions in winters mainly because of the Carnival of Venice. Soak up the entire culture and enjoy free festival events around the city. This carnival celebrated from February till March is something which can’t be missed.

Enjoy the city scenic and old fashioned atmosphere at a slower pace. Take boat ride through its famous water canals and get enchanted by the alluring majestic sites it has to offer.

Visit the famous St. Mark’s Basilica, which is a sublime piece of architecture. Get fascinated by the beautiful ornate detail of the church. Next, have a look at the most famous piazza St. Marks Square, located on the grand canal. Venice undoubtedly offers iconic architectures and promises a time full of joy and warmth this season.

Air Tickets: Starting from £60
Local Currency: Euro
Average food budget per day: £11-14 per person
Accommodation per night: £15-19 per person

#3 | Budapest , Hungary

Top 5 Cheapest European Destinations for Winter, 2019

Budapest – Pic taken from Pixabay

Budapest is ideal for great nightlife, romantic getaways and numerous spas across the city. One of the best places to visit in Budapest would be the Szechenyi Spa, which is the biggest outdoor spa. It offers a range of hot tubs that are perfect to sit in and relax in chilling winter. If you want to visit historical monuments, the most spectacular one is the Buda Castle.

While walking around Budapest pedestrian-friendly cobblestone streets, visit the world’s third-largest Parliament building. Have drinks at rural bars to escape the cold and get lost in the amusing nightlife it has to offer.

Air Tickets: Starting from £102
Local Currency: Hungarian Forint.
Average food budget per day: £10 per person
Accommodation per night:  £14-19 per person

#4 | Bucharest, Romania

Top 5 Cheapest European Destinations for Winter, 2019

Bucharest – Pic taken from Pixabay

When planning for a trip to visit Europe this winter, make sure you put Romania on your list. Plan a fun-filled holiday as this city offers a great nightlife for night owls and some daytime excursion to nearest towns for outdoor lovers. Visit the capital of Romania Bucharest, that has garnered much attention in the last few years. Also have scrumptious food amidst local crowd in the old town of Bucharest. Don’t forget to visit a place where Bucharest’s most history is preserved known as the Revolution Square.

Also, don’t miss out on the beautiful castles of Romania. You could also go for skiing trip Sinaia mountain resort, which is a popular tourist destination.

Air Tickets: Starting from £183
Currency: Romanian Leu
Average food budget per day: £10 per person
Accommodation per night: £9-11 per person

#5 | Santorini, Greece

Top 5 Cheapest European Destinations for Winter, 2019

Santorini – Pic taken from Pixabay

Greece is packed with stunning islands to visit. Each of which offers a historic landscape unique cultural enchantment and an amusing lifestyle. Visit Santorini that happens to be one of the most top romantic destinations in Europe. It is known for its lush white-sand beaches, ancient ruins, delicious cuisine, and a peaceful atmosphere.

It is not only meant to be enjoyed during summertime but it offers a magnificent traveling experience during wintertime as well. It offers vibrant harbours, boat rides, beautiful beaches, and scrumptious seafood.

Walk down the caldera edge and admire the alluring views. Also, go for wine tasting made from indigenous grapes. Also take a stroll during the golden hour to capture the breath taking sites during sun sets especially in Oia. Any tours you desire can be pre booked through various websites online.

Air tickets: Starting from £160
Local Currency: Euros
Average food budget per day: £15 per person
Accommodation per night: £20-25 per person.

So here you go! A list of top 5 destinations in Europe that not only offer a marvellous traveling experience but is also light on your wallet. So, do your research on discounted deals and find cheaper options via various websites and enjoy your holidays.