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Top 5 Free Christmas Parties in London

Plan ahead and have some fun

by Afroditi K.

So if you live in London, you have started living in Christmas frenzy already. And if you haven’t; wake up people! Lights have been switched on, ice-skating centres are now open and mulled-wine smell is in the air, what’s next? Plan your Christmas parties. Christmas is a family holiday – but that does not necessarily mean you want it spend inside except if you are living an excerpt of “Love Actually” in which case: please stay inside!

For the rest of you, we searched relentlessly in all places and bring in front of your eyes the best Free Christmas parties in London.

#1 The Bird’s Nest Xmas Party | 23rd December | Deptford

Some of the coolest tunes (BLACK SEAS / FIRST / BLACK PLASTIC / OLYMPIC CLAMPDOWN / DJEVARA / FUC.IT / CUNC) for a party that starts in the afternoon (just after your Christmas shopping someone said?) but goes all the way into the night. Entrance is free and there will be crackers, mince pies and presents. You can also arrange to have your meal there for £10 – which sounds just about right, doesn’t it?

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#2 The Boxing Day Swing Out | 26th December | Royal Festival Hall | Southbank

Spend some of those Christmas dinner calories on a fun taster swing and Charleston lesson brought to you by the folks behind The Winter Festival in Southbank. Part of the Royal Festival Hall has been transformed into a festive ballroom so find a partner (ideal for a first date!) and learn how to dance while enjoying yourself. This is surely a clever way to spend Boxing Day while avoiding the temptation of hitting the stores 🙂

Free Christmas Parties in London

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#3 Five Go Jiving | 24th December | Royal Festival Hall | Southbank

Southbank Centre comes to the rescue once again with a jive concert and dance afternoon event that is free of charge but fun-promising. Spend Christmas Eve dancing to jive and having some wine on the side – and if you are not familiar with this kind of music why not give it a chance during this festive period?

Free Christmas Parties in London

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#4 MindStep Christmas Party | 19th December | Rhythm Factory | Whitechapel

Free entry with limited early-bird tickets – grab yours while they last and welcome holidays with some serious dancing!

Free Christmas Parties in London

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#5 New Year’s Eve celebration | 31st December | The Hill Station | Telegraph Hill

So yeah, I have lied and this event does not technically fall within the Christmas events remit– but it is too good to pass. The team behind this community space have organised your New Year’s Eve and I have been to a few events they have hosted to know that it is bound to be warm, cosy and will fill your hearts with joy. They have arranged for a live band (Teenage Men), food and a late bar (entrance is free but obviously anything you consume you have to pay for!) and you can pop out a little bit before midnight to see the fireworks from Top Park.

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# Bonus Map!

we have plotted them on a handy map – find your way around!

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