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Top Ideas for Cooling Down in London This Summer

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Easy Ways to Beat the Heat!

By Sylvia Nankivell from Student Money Saver

London is a great city, but there’s one time when it feels like Hell. Namely, the summer! The capital has seen its fair share of absolute scorchers.

Anyone who’s walked the streets of Central London during a heatwave, or even worse been on the Tube, will know just how oppressive the summer can be.

But before you set off for colder climes in a car full of ice cubes, let us show you the art of cooling down in a place that’s insufferably hot. It’s easier than you think!

Our simple and practical tips will make the summer a whole lot more comfortable, enabling you to enjoy what London has to offer without wilting in the heat…



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A cold drink is always welcome during summertime. However the main thing to do during a hot spell is keep yourself hydrated. This can be with cold water or even hot tea.

This is a no brainer. Make sure you’re within easy reach of water. This is even more important if you have a physical job, but also recommended for sitting and sweating in an office.

When you sweat, you lose fluids. Drinking regularly fuels your body and gives you the energy you need to power through those sweltering temperatures.

And don’t just think of yourself. A spare bottle of water could be a lifesaver for someone struggling, such as a homeless person. Look after each other in the heat!

Stay in the shade

Top ideas for cooling down in London this summer

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Another seemingly obvious tip is to keep out of the sun. But staying in the shade isn’t as straightforward as it appears sometimes. Let’s take you through the basics.

Here’s the thing. Opening a window is all well and good to let in air. Yet if you do it with a sun-facing window, you could be making life difficult for yourself.

Is the temperature outside hotter than inside? In that case keep windows closed or you might be making it hotter indoors. Wait for the situation to reverse, usually at night.

Need to travel by Tube? Why not take advantage of Geoff Marshall’s “cool” map of the Underground, which shows you the best routes to take in order to beat the heat…?

Timing is everything

Top ideas for cooling down in London this summer

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While it feels like the London heat goes on forever, it’s typically at its worst during certain times. Knowing the hottest periods of the day will definitely help you cope.

This is important. 11am – 3pm is regarded as the part of the day where the sun is really beating down. So if you can avoid being out during these hours, do so.

If you have an urgent shop to get done, try going out at night and bask in the cool breeze. Just be careful you aren’t anywhere unsafe at that time.

Working from home can be problematic as you’re kind of trapped indoors, baking away. A cold shower during these especially exhausting times can work wonders.

Dress appropriately

Clearly you’re not going to wrap up warm during a heatwave. Though you will see some people in London buttoned up in leather jackets, and suffering in the name of fashion!

Don’t be that person. Cotton is generally considered the best fabric to put on when the sun comes up. That’s because it allows the skin to breathe, but there are dos and don’ts.

For example, white cotton is good for outdoors due to it being reflective. However, black is recommended for shade as it directs heat away from you. 

Eat light

Top ideas for cooling down in London this summer

Pic taken from Pixabay

London is rammed with great places to eat. Though if you’re planning on a big meal during a heatwave, be careful. The effect can be pretty bad.

Go with your gut. Light eating is usually best when you can’t move for the heat. It’s tempting to maybe eat nothing, but don’t neglect yourself like that!

Air conditioning isn’t the best thing for the environment. But cafés use it anyway! So, if you get desperate then you can always sit in a nice, air-conditioned eatery for a respite from the relentless heat. There’s even ways of getting a free drink from Costa, so it doesn’t have to be a money spending activity!