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The UK’s Best Seaside Resorts

3 Beautiful seaside towns  in the UK (Spon)

By Bill Clark (Sponsored post)

It may not quite be the Maldives or Bora Bora, but if you’re a Brit, it’s almost customary to go on a Great British beach holiday at least once in your life. If you’re lucky enough to go during the couple of weeks of sunny weather that we get here in Britain each year, the seaside and coastal towns can make for some fun-filled weekends away that are packed with things to do and see. Even if the weather lives up to expectations by being dull, grey and wet, that won’t stop you from having fun. Whether you just want a quick getaway in the UK or a summer vacation abroad isn’t in the budget this year, here are some of the best coastal and seaside towns to visit at home.

Margate, Kent

Margate Kent

Pic by Barry Lewis | Flickr

Imagine the perfect quintessential British beach holiday – eating fish and chips on the promenade, padding in the sea with your trousers rolled up to your knees, and enjoying ice lollies on the sand – Margate may well be the first destination that pops into your mind. One of the original seaside towns from the Victorian era, it was abandoned in the 1990’s amongst many others when low-cost airlines offered better things abroad. However, today it has had some new life breathed into it with more and more Brits flocking to Margate for a traditional summer stay. If you want a classic suitcase to go along with your classic British seaside destination, visit

Brighton, Sussex

Brighton seafront

Photo by Becca Swift | Flickr

Even though it’s lacking in sand, this hasn’t stopped Brighton Beach from being one of the UK’s most popular tourist destinations for those looking for a seaside resort stay at home. One of the UK’s coolest beach towns with an anything-goes attitude and a pier that’s filled with fun, classic attractions, Brighton’s seaside resort is the place to be if you’re looking for a holiday that’s packed with things to do. As the UK’s self-proclaimed gay capital, head over to Brighton in August if you want to be a part of their world-famous yearly Pride parade.

St. Ives, Cornwall

St. Ives, Cornwall seafront

Photo by Baz Richardson| Flickr

Since Brexit left Cornwall missing out on millions of pounds’ worth of EU funding, they’re going to need all the tourists that they can get within the next few years. Thankfully, St. Ives is one of the UK’s most beautiful and idyllic seaside towns, and each year, many artists and photographers are drawn to the area to capture the stunning views and scenery. With bright, clean sands and blue waters, it’s a lot unlike many of the other beaches in the UK. If you’re a creative or have an appreciation of art, this seaside town is a must-visit, with the creative scene having grown so significant that artists have become known as the St. Ives School. For art-lovers, a visit to the Tate Ives Gallery, which overlooks the beach, is a must.

Which are your favourite beach destinations in the UK? Whether you like the arcades in Blackpool or enjoy the serenity of St. Ives, we’d love to hear from you in the comments!