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Why Do We Get Our Jewelry Engraved?

Engraving jewelry has long been part of tradition and heritage

Guest post by Claire Ward

Jewelry has always been a symbolic part of human culture. In fact, it is said that the first articles of jewelry were worn about 40,000 years back by Cro-Magnons, the earliest known examples of modern human beings in Europe.

Just like humans now, they wore necklaces and bracelets. But rather than being made of 18-karat gold, they were made of bone, teeth, and stone.

With the improvement of technology, jewelry engraving has become more common over the past few decades, making jewelry more personalized and in sync with our expressions of romantic gestures, happiness, and even remembering important dates.

In fact, engravement technology is so advanced and simplified now that one can simply buy a jewelry engraving machine. In this article, we will cover why someone would consider engraving their jewelry.

It’s a passion

Believe it or not, some people do jewelry engraving as a hobby. This passion can translate into business, as in the case of Lynda and Charles Schreck. According to Lynda, you are only limited by your unique style, and seeing that reflected in your work is the great thing about engraving. You can also trade ideas with people in the same industry and blend their ideas with your unique style to create something much more spectacular.

Considering the attention to detail and effort one would require for such small pieces, no wonder it’s so satisfying when the results come out just the way the engraver hoped for!

Telling a story

Just like tattoos on a sleeve, jewelry engravements can tell a story. It could be the date your significant other proposed to you, a quote you live by, or the last words someone dear said to you before he or she gave their last breath. And just like tattoos, it’s almost impossible to erase them.

For as long as you have the piece of jewelry, those significant words will always be there for you to cherish.

Family heirloom

It’s common to see jewelry passed down through families. Grandmothers passing their ring to their daughters, daughters to their children, and so forth. A custom engraving would add a lot of value to the jewelry. Not monetarily, but emotionally and sentimental qualities. This is in hopes that the future generations will remember and embrace their roots through what they wear 30 or even 100 years into the future.

Personalizing a gift

With jewelry, it doesn’t have to be romantic. You could present your friend a bracelet or necklace as a token of your friendship or any other significant purpose (you can give one just for fun, too!). But, wouldn’t it be more special if it had engravings of something special only you two understand? An acronym of an inside joke, maybe? Or the date of when you two became friends?

This makes the gift special because it shows you’re willing to put more effort into it as well as remembering the significant events in your lives, which makes the person feel appreciated.