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Woking Transport: Affordable Ways of Getting To & From London Airports

Guest post by Timothy Jones

We know that transportation to the airport can be stressful, even if you are on your way to an exciting holiday or any other travel adventures await. We always recommend booking ahead, so you know what to expect on your journey to relax and enjoy every aspect of your travel, rather than just when you step off the plane. We’ve gathered some great transport options to help make the journey that little bit easier and straightforward, no matter your budget.

Travel by Train

A range of train services run through Woking and the surrounding Surrey area to the airports. The most efficient and direct is the South-western Railway service to Gatwick from Woking with direct airport access. You can find more information on booking and routes here. Getting to Heathrow is trickier on the train and often requires a trip into London and back out again to the airport. If you are travelling to Heathrow Airport from Surrey and need a budget option, we will take a look at the direct bus services available next.

Bus Services

There are regularly running direct bus services from Woking to Heathrow, found here. This is a great option, but you need to ensure you book and catch an early enough bus if you are travelling at peak times to compensate for the traffic on the M25. The same goes for the Gatwick route from Woking via the bus. Both are great travel options, but while they may be more affordable, arrival times are determined by the whim of traffic. They also follow set routes with no alterations able to be made to avoid the traffic.

Taxi Service

A good taxi service is a great option and is made even more affordable when more people in your group travel together. This is because payment is made by car, not by the person, as with train or bus transport. In addition, this option is personalised to you, so the pickup, drop off, and extras offered will take the stress out of travel regardless of whether it’s just you, a workgroup or your family with children. To find out more about your local Airport Taxi click here.

COVID-19 Considerations

During COVID times and beyond, taxi companies and personalised services offer peace of mind and reassurance. They ensure the health and safety of customers by including sanitising vehicles between customer journeys. Also, many drivers wear masks, and the other people travelling with you will be members of your own party, keeping risks down to the very minimum.