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10 Advantages of Being a Freelance Translator

Guest post by Elizabeth Baldridge

Let’s admit it, nobody really likes going to work. And it’s not about doing one’s job but rather about literally getting to the workplace, be it an office or even a co-working space. There’s really no place like home, and it equally applies to the workspace. If you think about it really well, you’ll find that at home, you can organise your workspace any way you want, you can work from any part of your home, and you can use your time just as you see fit. Now, one of the easiest ways of actually getting this kind of working conditions is to work as a freelancer, which is more than common for many occupations today, including language jobs.

Why a Freelance Translator?

There is a huge number of materials explaining why it’s a great idea to go freelancing if you prefer intellectual labor and are free-spirited. Tired of seeing the same people every day? As a freelancer, you’re free to see anyone you wish, even if it’s just yourself. Don’t like boring weekdays? Work at any time you want. Tired of doing the same work? Take several jobs of different nature, freelance got you covered everywhere.

For translators, freelance work is quite common today. Not every company needs a full-time translator and not every translator wants to depend on their salary. There’s no wonder that most of the language specialists prefer working for the best translation websites that hire only freelancers. Such working conditions are really beneficial for everybody. Why exactly, you might wonder? Let’s sort that out.

  1. The demand is rising. Indeed, the job outlook for translators is great, according to the American Bureau of Labor Statistics. What’s more, the demand for freelancers also grows steadily as more and more small businesses address professional help for numerous tasks, including translations.
  2. Free organization of the working processes. Everybody has their own preferences regarding the work. Some prefer to work in quiet places, others like getting into the rhythm by having the music played in the background. With freelance, all of that is possible.
  3. Ability to regulate productivity. As you can organize your workday and workspace any way you want, you automatically boost your productivity to your best. Whether it’s taking short breaks every 30 minutes or even working upside down, it’s up to you to make your work as comfortable and motivating as possible.
  4. No need to spend time getting to work. When you work as a freelancer, you can work from anywhere. You can cross the street and sit at your favorite café if you want, or you can just get out of bed and get to work. This means that you don’t have to spend hours to get to your workplace, which, in addition, will make you feel tired right from the start of the day.
  5. Do the work you prefer. Whether you do individual works that you find via your friends and network or whether you work for an online translation platform, you don’t have to do what you don’t want to. Just pick the jobs you know you’ll love doing, and you’re ready to go.
  6. Ability to regulate your income. As you do the jobs that you like under the conditions that make you more productive, you can make as much money as you want. It is only a matter of your self-management and scheduling that will influence your income.
  7. More time for personal development. Ever dreamed of learning to play a new instrument? Wanted to know how to code? Or you were just looking for some time to finish your favorite book? Well, working in a freelance mode will certainly let you do all the above and more as you don’t have to spend a lot of time while getting to work and back, work more productively, and just manage your time on a global scale.
  8. Having a backup plan. Even if you’re happy with your full-time job, you might still want to quit one day to pursue new horizons. With freelance jobs backing you up from time to time, there won’t be any problem with that at any time.
  9. Accepting challenges. If you like growing personally right at your job, then freelance is the best option for you. You can take translating jobs you never thought even existed before, not only to get out of your boredom but also to develop a new skill or learn new terminology in another language.
  10. Traveling. Perhaps, one of the best benefits to working as a freelancer, and especially for the language specialist. As you’re not bound to a single place of work and even a country, you’re free to roam around the world, learn new languages and culture, and simply have fun while making money at the same time. All you need is a laptop, a stable internet connection, and some time management skills.

You Cannot Spell “Freelancer” Without Spelling “Free”

The word on its own makes the nature of work pretty obvious. Not only do you work and make sure you have something to eat and somewhere to live, but you also do it at any time you want any way you want. For someone like a language specialist, freelance is a mode of work that offers limitless opportunities and turns the job into a real pleasure. And there’s no better way to work productively than living and working freely.

Author’s bio:

Elizabeth Baldridge has never taken a job she didn’t like. She believes that there’s absolutely no use for a person to do what they don’t like and there’s no use for an employer in such an employee.