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10 Cheap Restaurants in London for Vegetarians

Vegetarian in London on a budget? Here are 10 cheap options!

By Katarina Matiasovska from Inspiring interns

Are you a vegetarian but think eating out makes it hard to stick to your diet? It doesn’t have to be that way. Follow our list of carefully handpicked affordable veggie and vegan restaurants in London, that’ll guarantee heaven in your belly.

#1 | Big V London (formerly The Veggie Table)

Pic taken from Bigvlondon Facebook page

Welcome to the Kingdom of Vegan Burgers, burgers with the capacity to convert a meat eater… and they’re giant and filling, all served with a side of creamy coleslaw, definitely worth the price.

Borough Market (open daily except Sunday)
Hackney Downs Vegan Market (open every Saturday 11am-5pm)
Victoria Park Market (open every Sunday 10am-4pm)
Prices starting at: Big V classic burger for £6.5
Facebook Page

#2 | Bonnington Café

Bonnington Café

Pic taken from Bonnington Café Facebook page

A cute and cosy restaurant offering home-cooked food at affordable prices. Different chefs cook each night of the week making their menu very diverse, but you can expect vegetarian/vegan classics like Thai vegetable curry with brown rice, quinoa burger with roast potatoes, cashew ricotta stuffed aubergine, vegan raw poppy seed cheesecake, pecan tart… Oh, and Full Vegan English breakfast every Saturday from 12 pm till 4pm.

Where: 11 Vauxhall Grove
Prices starting at: mains for £8
Facebook Page

#3 | Cook Daily

Pic taken from Boxpark Croydon Facebook page

Just by reading Cook Daily’s reviews, one soon realises that even people who are neither vegans nor vegetarians think their food is amazing. Cook Daily is a trendy vegan joint serving bowls of ridiculously photogenic international vegan food. Highly recommended.

Unit 48, Boxpark Shoreditch, 2-4 Bethnal Green Road
Unit 27, Boxpark Croydon, 99 George Street
Prices starting at: any bowl for £8.50
Twitter Page

#4 | Ethos

Pic taken from Ethos site

True food porn. Marinated yellow and green courgettes tossed with feta, zucchini and cheddar cakes, fried plantains, halloumi bites, Moroccan Tagine, Aloo scotch eggs… A visit to Ethos is both culinary and visual experience. It operates on a pay per weight system, so it’s great if you just want to try a little bit of everything. Real birch trees give the restaurant a natural and organic look.

Where: 48 Eastcastle Street, Fitzrovia
Prices starting at: £11
Twitter page

#5 | EZ & Moss

10 Cheap Restaurants in London for Vegetarians

Pic taken from the Ez & Moss Facebook Page

Come to EZ & Moss for lunch and you can tick off “eating heathy on a budget” from your bucket list. Vegetarian/Vegan classics galore – salads, vegetarian stews, quiches, soups, vegan burgers, avocado toast, soy flat whites, just to name a few.

Where: 183 Holloway Road
Prices starting at: avocado toast for £6
Facebook Page

#6 | Govinda’s Pure Vegetarian Restaurant

10 Cheap Restaurants in London for Vegetarians

Pic taken from Govinda’s Pure Vegetarian Restaurant website

You’re a broke vegetarian/vegan and don’t know about Govinda’s? That’s a mistake that needs to be fixed right away. Govinda’s is a Hare Krishna restaurant specialising in Thali platters, mango lassis, vegetarian lasagne and paneer tikka rolls. Simple, delicious and won’t break the bank.

Where: 10 Soho Street
Prices starting at: The Veggie Thali – 5 items for £6.95

#7 | Itadaki Zen

10 Cheap Restaurants in London for Vegetarians

Pic taken by the Itadaki Zen London Facebook Page

This organic and vegan Japanese restaurant serves food that is handmade, they literally start preparing your food by hand after you have placed your order. Don’t go if you’re in a hurry, but it’s certainly worth the wait. Itadaki Zen cuisine sees food as medicine and picks ingredients with strongest healing properties. Anyway, putting aside the nutritional value, you will find their dishes are anything but dull.

Where: 139 King’s cross Road
Prices starting at: main meals for £7, miso soup for £2
Facebook Page

#8 | Koshari Street

10 Cheap Restaurants in London for Vegetarians

Pic taken from Koshari Street’s Facebook Page

Koshari, for the uninitiated, is the authentic street food of Egypt, a healthy and tasty pot of rice, pasta and lentils. It’s usually topped with chickpeas, tomato sauce and caramelised onions (this makes it especially tasty) and served with a garlic vinaigrette and doqqa (spice and nuts ground into a sprinkle).

56 St Martin’s Lane
Borough Market
19 Harrington Road, South Kensington
Prices starting at: small Koshari for £3.95, classic Koshari for £4.95
Facebook Page

#9 | Loving Hut

10 Cheap Restaurants in London for Vegetarians

Pic taken from Loving Hut’s Twitter Page

Loving Hut, a VegfestUK Awards 2015 winner, will certainly make you fall in love with its food. It’s basically a vegan Chinese restaurant offering duck, beef, chicken, fish and prawns made of “fake meat”. Definitely try toffee banana fritters as a dessert.

Where: 669 Holloway Road
Prices starting at: veggie drumsticks for £5
Twitter Page

#10 | Mildred’s

10 Cheap Restaurants in London for Vegetarians

Pic taken from Milred’s Twitter Page

Too many scrumptious options for vegetarians and vegans, even carnivores love it here. With its fresh and colourful international food, Mildred’s promises a “like a home from home” dining experience. And they’ve been quite successful so far – they always seem to be packed.

45 Lexington Street, Soho
9 Jamestown Road, Camden
200 Pentonville Road, King’s Cross
1 Dalston Square, Dalston
Prices starting at… takeaway burgers for £5.5, takeaway mains for £7.5
Twitter Page

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