11 Ways to Ensure You’ll Never Be Broke in London Again - Broke in London

11 Ways to Ensure You’ll Never Be Broke in London Again

Earning an impressive income in the capital isn’t as tricky as you might think…

Guest post by  Zoe Price

Everyone knows that London can be an expensive place to live and visit, so being broke in this grand city is always going to be a recipe for boredom and regret. Luckily, there are also a million ways to make money in the Greater London area, so there’s really no excuse for you to remain broke for any extended period of time. With a bit of ambition and some creativity, you should have no problem generating some extra spending money or increasing your annual salary in one of the world’s most bustling financial centres. Whether you choose to focus on a side hustle that will supplement your income or take advantage of the countless in-demand career opportunities that are available within the city’s limits, there’s almost always a way to earn more in the UK’s capital city. For starters, here are 11 income sources and career options that will ensure you’re never broke in London again:

#1 | Address the Engineering Shortage

Did you know that the entire UK is facing an ongoing shortage in skilled workers, and that shortage is particularly evident in London, where electrical engineers and similar professionals are desperately needed to help keep up with the unceasing demand for residential and commercial development in the region? Furthermore, many of these jobs can be obtained without any sort of formal degree, as you’ll only need to complete training courses and obtain certification to launch your career. Findcourses.co.uk is a platform where you can find and compare vocational courses and training programs that will improve your professional skills and employment eligibility.  This is an ideal site to browse when you’re looking for career ideas in general because they’ve curated thousands of courses and certifications that could be difficult to find independently.

#2 | Offer City Tours

The city of London receives roughly 20 million visitors every year. With all of that tourism happening, there’s always a tremendous opportunity to capitalise on the willingness of tourists to spend money on city tours.  You might think that you need to be a PhD-holding expert to be considered qualified as a city tour, but really all you need is a rudimentary level of knowledge about London’s main attractions and basic history. However, keep in mind that there are already hundreds if not thousands of other tour guides in the city, so your best bet is to specialise in a certain location or historical subject.

#3 | Become a Salon Assistant

With the greater London area having a population of around 12 million, and a huge majority of those people needing routine haircuts and beauty services, there’s an always-hiring industry of salons to take advantage of. If you’ve just moved to the area and are looking for a simple and reliable job that doesn’t require any formal education. Of course, it will help if you have experience working in a salon, but many salons are in such dire need of help that they’ll hire you on the spot if you’re personable and seem up to the job.

#4 | Become an IT Specialist

While you can’t just pick up and become an IT pro overnight, this is one of those careers that is practically guaranteed to pay off in the long run because you’ll never have trouble finding a job in London’s fast-growing IT sector. In fact, just in the past few years we’ve seen the number of available jobs in the UK’s IT sector increase by more than 33%. If you’re technically inclined and think you have what it takes, you’ll be rewarded with a skill set that will have you enjoying one of the lowest unemployment rates in any industry. 

#5 | Position Yourself as a Product Designer

Inventing and designing new products used to be a very niche sector that was only really occupied by full-time inventors, engineers, and corporate employees. However, nowadays with the advent of user-friendly computer-aided design (CAD) software, bespoke manufacturing services, and other tools and resources that drastically simplify product design, many companies are playing the “come up with the next big product” game to compete in the ever-growing global eCommerce industry. These retail companies and suppliers need professionals who can help them bring their product ideas and concept to life. It’s possible for any reasonably creative techie to become a product designer in as little as 1-2 years, at which point you’ll be welcomed by the 30% increase in demand that this occupation has seen in the London area.

#6 | CNC Machinist

London’s CNC machining industry is thriving and as a result there are many job opportunities available in this sector. This industry will continue to provide employment to any Londoner who needs a way to avoid poverty because, just as product design is becoming popular due to the continual expansion of eCommerce, so are the manufacturing needs of the companies that supply those products at a wholesale level.

#7 | Recruiting Assistant

With so many companies doing business in London, the problem in this city isn’t that would-be employees can’t find jobs, it’s that would-be employers can’t find enough qualified applicants to fill their open positions. As a result, most recruiting agencies in the region are always inundated with work and are always looking for new agents and assistants who are capable of being personable and persuasive. While you might not be able to quickly ascend to the ranks of an elite recruiting agent who makes huge commissions for prestigious clients, you can quickly land an entry-level recruiting assistant job with a bit of clerical or retail experience.

#8 | Offer Pet Boarding Services

Just as millions of people come into the city of London every year, millions of Londoners also travel abroad on holidays and many of them leave their pets behind. You can give yourself a nice side income to help fend off ‘brokeness’ while also helping to meet the demand for affordable and convenient boarding services.

#9 | Lease Out Your Exercise Equipment

If you already have a decent amount of exercise equipment that is just sitting around, you could either sell it for a one-time profit or take the smarter approach of turning the gear into an ongoing revenue stream. Look into exercise equipment rental platforms and you’ll quickly learn how to list your equipment so that others can lease it on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis on your terms.