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The Little Big Peace Event in Streatham

Silent Peace Walk

It’s all too easy to feel resigned about ‘the state of the nation or world’ especially if you’ve spent a few hours scrolling through the news. But guess what? There are literally thousands of organisations worldwide working towards peace and they are gradually making a difference. 

One of them is The Little Big Peace Event in Streatham, an annual event founded in 2011 by volunteers, inspired by #PeaceOneDay, invites us all to explore the idea and experience of Peace. Celebrated annually on the weekend closest to September 21st – International Day of Peace, they always set out to explore the culture and concept of peace, whilst bringing the diverse culture and community of Streatham together.

Friday 20th

The festival kicks off on Friday 20th September with a free parent and child ballroom dance workshop hosted by Blue Performing Arts @Yogarise, Streatham. Booking is essential.

Saturday 21st

On Saturday 21st September, the festival is turning its focus to providing an alternative to the unnecessary tragedy of youth on youth crime violence, with the Streatham Peace Walk. At the heart of this silent walk along the high road is a two-fold commitment:

  • To stand with families that have been affected by knife violence
  • To stand for our community and future generation of young leaders

Looking after our Wellbeing is an act of Peace. All are welcome to Chill-out day in the Streatham Library Hall, with free workshops and talks about all things related to finding inner peace. It concludes with a friendly Pilates workshop, which aims to bring unique, fun workouts to all. You’ll also find hand, face, neck and back massage taster sessions for a small donation, stalls, arts and crafts and face painting for kids.

Sunday 22nd

The Little Big Peace Festival completes its outing on Sunday 22nd at Hideaway, the award-winning music venue, with the screening of Aretha Franklin’s – Amazing Grace and a live Gospel Choir performance. Not to be missed.

What: The Little Big Peace Event
Where: Streatham
When: 20-22 September
Cost: Free or low cost

The Little Big Peace Event in Streatham

The Little Big Peace Event in Streatham