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21 Ways To Blow Your Student Loan

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Tips on how to spend and save from your student loan

By Saffron Shergill from StudentJob.co.uk

When you first start university, your student loan seems like it will last forever. This is however very far from the reality. It is far too easy to trickle the money away on everything and anything. Here are StudentJob’s 21 ways to blow your student loan…

#1 | Dominos pizza. The minute someone suggests getting a takeaway it all goes downhill

#2 | The ASOS sale is your worst nightmare (and your best friend). 20% off with free delivery is impossible to resist. But it’s okay…you really needed that 3rd pair of black jeans, right?

#3 | As a fresher you refuse to stoop as low as Tesco’s finest vodka. We can tell you now this will all change…it will soon become your go to purchase

#4 | Even though you have a perfectly working fridge you still continue to buy sandwiches from your uni shop everyday…

#5 | Buying a gym membership for the entire year which you use once…and never, ever again.

#6 | Then of course you need a matching gym kit…in every colour…

#7 | Joining every society you set your eyes on and giving up after the taster session. Pole fitness is a lot harder than it looks, okay!

#8 | Paying for an uber home for you and your friends. Trust us, they will never pay you back.

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#9 | Buying COMPULSORY module textbooks that you never actually open. But it’s better to have just in case, right?

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#10 | Having to top up your laundry card £20 each time you want to use it when your clothes will just end up back on the floor anyway…

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#11 | Buying that all essential freshers fancy dress that you use once and never again. It was kinda worth it though…

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#12 | When you realise how expensive fruit and cheese are. It is a sad, sad day when you have to start buying your own cheese.

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#13 | Drunk food…because when you’re drunk, garlic bread is life

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#14 | Buying excessive amounts of stationary and then still managing to turn up to your lectures without a pen…or a notepad…or a single thing…

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#15 | Paying to get your phone fixed when you inevitably smash it on a night out…again 🙁

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#16 | Finding yourself at uni and becoming an avocado-eating yogi who only eats fresh vegan produce

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#17 | Every day you will ask yourself how you have ended up paying for a Netflix account that your mum, dad, aunt, uncle, old neighbour and best friend are all using for free…

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#18 | It’s the same with Spotify, right? Except in this case you actually have to ring up your pal and ask them to get off your spotify account so you can use it

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#19 | Simply going to visit your hometown seems to cost an arm and a leg. Surely this is something our parents should pay for…

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#20 | And tell me how we ended up paying for our own phone contracts? £30 a month to look at memes seems pretty steep

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#21 | Finally, being the only one in your house to buy fairy liquid and toilet roll…

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Top tip from us…just nick it from your uni toilets…you’ll never look back.

Written by Saffron Shergill at StudentJob.co.uk