3D Print Day Comes to Hackney Downs Studios

3D Print Day Comes to Hackney Downs Studios

#3DprintdayHackney takes over The Russet

3D printing and coffee dates don’t necessarily go hand in hand, however, a new collaboration between Goosebumps Lab and The Russet (a Hackney cafe) gives local people an opportunity to learn about this revolutionary technology. 3D printing is a game changing technology, which produces an object out of a digital drawing and seeing the magic of 3D printing happen before your very eyes, whilst you order brunch, lunch, coffee or cake at The Russet, Hackney Downs Studios, is a very unique way of experiencing it.

‘Offline’ designer-to-buyer 3D printing is becoming more widely available in various maker spaces. Philip Bee of Goosebumps Lab is leading the way in Hackney by setting up within a cafe space and providing a catalogue of customisable 3D printed objects to be chosen by the good folks of East London.

3D Print Day Comes to Hackney Downs Studios

iPhone case made by Goosebumps Lab – pic taken by Goosebumps Lab Facebook page

Hackney Downs Studios resident Goosebumps Lab believe that “3D printing can change the world we live in” and the best way to make those changes are by informing the brightest and youngest minds. The Russet has an established following of creatives, bearded hipsters, and local mothers and babies visiting everyday, so this 3D printing experience will give this community a chance to understand and receive a unique one of kind Christmas gift developed through this emerging technology.

Over 100 independent creative businesses call Hackney Downs Studios their home. You’ll find everything from record labels to florists, graphic designers to jewellery designers, filmmakers to architects, and cabinetmakers. The spaces are as diverse as the people, with studios of all shapes and sizes including railway arches, an art gallery and a theatre. In early 2015 there will be 40 new spaces becoming available, due to an huge building project that is currently in development, so this is an incredible time for the local area and artist community.

The 3D printer will be in action Wednesday 26th November at The Russet, Hackney Downs Studios, and every Wednesday up to Xmas Eve.

What: 3D Print Day
When: Wednesday 26th November and every Wednesday till Xmas Eve
Where: The Russet, Hackney Downs Studios, London, E8 2BT