Drinki App Gives Free cocktails for a Facebook Check-in

Drinki App Gives FREE cocktails for a Facebook Check-in

London people luck-out with this fun, new App!

Cocktails are all the rage right now, but with London prices going through the roof it can be hard to fulfil those cocktail desires without breaking the bank.

Then along came Drinki App: it was once introduced as a ladies only app which was giving free cocktails in bars all around London in return for a Facebook check-in. However, now Drinki app is available also for the boys which means that everyone can use the app to get a free drink.

Drinki currently work with over 100 bars in London, including premium bars like JuJu, Buddha Bar, The Shrub and Shutter and The Hide, and more central locations such as Nordic, Zebrano’s and Lucky Vouce, and a range of Shoreditch bars like Big Chill, Trapeze and Beagle.

Their unique app will check each user into the venue’s Facebook page in return for the free cocktail, ensuring that venues get social media promotion in exchange for their generous cocktail-giving! The app works seven days a week across London, meaning there’s always a free drink just around the corner. Moreover, if you use the promo code BILDN on sign-up you will receive a Drinki token (free drink on us)!

The Gals at Drinki don’t end the fun there though! There are regular competitions (launched across their social media channels) for bar tabs at their venues, and more recently they gave away an iPhone 6! You can follow Drinki on Facebook and Twitter to keep up-to-date with this and other news.

The only thing left to do now is download the app (also for free) on iTunes and on Play Store and start enjoying your freebies! And boys, don’t despair! Drinko is on the way! 

Drinki App Gives FREE cocktails for a Facebook Check-in

Drinki App

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