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4 Best Reasons To Plan Your Study Abroad Journey in London

Guest post by Archit from Amber

London is a beautiful location in more respects than one, whether for studies or for living. The metropolis is packed with millions of people from different backgrounds and cultures with various life dreams.

And for students from around the globe, it may be a life-changing adventure because apart from the academics, you get to explore the night life and entertainment, culinary, drama, and artworks.

And to make the presentation clutter-free, we wrote this post to highlight the best reasons to plan your study abroad journey in London.

1. Amazing universities

With 18 colleges in the metropolis, there is no scarcity of international students pouring into London. Some of the popular ones are University College London, University of London, Imperial College London, etc. These renowned universities attract thousands of students every year because of their academic excellence and award-winning faculty.

Every year, these London institutions rank at the top of any reputable university rankings, demonstrating their continued efforts and emphasis on giving learners the most affluent conditions and the most pertinent knowledge.

International students can immerse themselves with like-minded students who appreciate the knowledge in the same field and pursue their studies seriously at practically any university in the neighbourhood, not just those with world-renowned reputations.

2. Diverse population

The United Kingdom is rich with diverse and distinct cultures, particularly in student areas. Because of the diverse population, you may very well learn more about various cultures. You would enjoy the culture and food of cultures from all around the world no matter where you reside in the UK.

Without this amazing multicultural component, London would be a very different place, and being able to go to college in a metropolis like this will broaden your horizons and enable you to connect with people from all around the globe, which is a really wonderful thing to be able to do.

3. Professional Opportunities

London is a global banking, technological, commercial, and cultural hot spot. In contrast, London’s economy is greater than that of multiple European countries! As one of the global economy’s power hotspots, students studying in London will have no dearth of employment and internship opportunities.

It is now simpler than ever to obtain employment while studying in the UK. Many companies now offer work-from-home internships and employment opportunities which you can do right from your London student accommodation.

UK employers respect the skills you will learn during your degree, and they frequently provide excellent possibilities for work placements or job-related projects as part of your study in London. This makes it easy to get meaningful experience, which might also help you advance in your profession.

4. Excellent transportation network

Being a capital city, London has one of the best transportation systems in the world. The underground metro system is one of the oldest and most efficient metro systems that carry thousands of passengers every day to their destinations. Apart from the tube, the thriving metropolis also offers regular and affordable bus and taxi transportation to every part of the city.

Being a student in London is advantageous in many ways. For example, the city offers student discounts on ‘Oyster card’ , a known payment method for London public transport. The student discount on this card can make transportation affordable and easier for students. A student ID card is mandatory to avail of this service.

London also has five airports, making it a transportation centre for Europe and the rest of the globe. One of the most remarkable things you’ll discover is how straightforward it is to get cheap flights to places all throughout Europe.


We hope this article helps you to identify the best reasons to plan your study abroad journey in London. The thriving metropolis has a plethora of academic prospects. Explore no further than London if you want to attend university in a metropolis with ample resources and advantages.