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How to Get a Student Job in London

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5 ways to find part-time work in the capital

By Adam Stokes

Looking for a Student Job in London for the first time can often feel like a difficult task. You might not have a lot of prior experience to back up your search if you’re looking for the first time, especially if you’re only looking for something short and sweet to earn a little more money. However, there’s more than one way to look for work, and the more ways you search, the better the chance you’ve got of finding casual employment to bring in some of that desperately needed extra cash. So, how exactly do you go about your job search for securing that part-time student job? We’re here to tell you.

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#1 Browse the Web

Our first step can finally put your internet scouring skills to good use. This time, however, you can close down YouTube, eBay, Facebook and any other distractions, and load up a few of these. Student job sites like The Student Room and Student Beans are dedicated specifically to all things student. Their Jobs pages are great places to start to find suitable job vacancies. Student Job and E4S are even better, as they are designed solely on finding you student jobs in London. You can also check out our Student Job Websites article for a more in depth list of the best places to browse as a student.

How to Get a Student Job in London


#2 Take Advantage of Available Resources

Sometimes you can’t beat a good old-fashioned printed newspaper. Searching online or on your mobile is all well and good for keeping up to-date with events around the globe, but smaller listings like local jobs may not often appear on these formats. Other routes you may want to go down include your University’s careers department, which may be in communication with local businesses and retailers that offer jobs for students. Just remember that the internet alone doesn’t answer everything, and sometimes it’s good to branch out!

How to Get a Student Job in London


#3 Search the Streets

Depending on the type of work you’re looking for, getting your face out there can make the difference between being ignored and being put on the payroll. Bar jobs, as well as positions in retail, often seek outgoing, enthusiastic individuals who aren’t afraid to let their confidence shine. If you’re looking for work in these kinds of sectors, then head out with a smile and a CV and let London be your oyster. Cafe Jobs are great for this, as they often don’t post vacancies online, and so are just ready and waiting for you to walk through the door! Don’t worry though, if you’re not blessed with this kind of personality, then there are plenty of other temporary jobs, including many Christmas jobs, where you can easily apply online. However if you decide to apply, a good CV is key to getting noticed. Check out our Career section for some useful tips.

How to Get a Student Job in London


#4 Network!

Networking isn’t just for when you’re looking for a career, but it is a little more than just asking your mate to put in a good word for you and leaving it at that. Ask parents, tutors, friends, and any other professionals you know if they’ve heard of any vacancies recently, or even if they know someone or somewhere that can help you find work. You can even ask them to refer you to other people if they don’t know of anything specific! You’d be surprised how far a conversation or two can go when you’re looking for available jobs in London.

How to Get a Student Job in London


#5 Repeat the Process

‘Don’t give up’ sounded a little cheesy, but that’s essentially what we mean. No one ever said that putting all these tips to good use would guarantee you a job first time. Keep up to date with all the websites visited and keep them bookmarked for easy access. Re-visit any of the retailers you popped into and ask for any updates, keep putting your name out there and don’t stop buying that morning edition of the local paper until you find your perfect part-time student job!

How to get a Student Job in London


Wanting to find a job in London doesn’t just happen. It takes time and perseverance, which as a student, you might not feel you have much of! However, with a little effort, a dash of patience and some luck here and there, working out how to get a student job in London isn’t rocket science. Browse, search, socialise and utilize what’s around you, and you should soon be bringing a few extra pennies.

Don’t forget to check out our Student Jobs in London page for an extensive list of student job boards, as well as our Student Websites article for all the best sites to visit as a student. Finally the Tips for Searching for a Student Job in London article should set you straight!

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