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4 Unique Designs of Panelled Internal Doors

Guest post by Lucy

We live in a modern world where supply and demand govern much of our lives. Items that once were considered useless and discarded by most are now among the most sought-after. Panelled doors have been around for decades, and in that time, there have been many different designs of panelled internal doors. We’ve put together a list of five different designs of panelled doors that can add a unique look to your London home.

Standard 4 Panel Design

Standard 4-panel style internal doors or doors that open into the main part of the house are the most traditional type of door. These doors have shaped corners to help prevent swinging and provide access to many rooms without having to step outside. That said, many doors look exactly like these (sometimes called vintage doors) that can be very attractive and stylish if you go for the more traditional style. These include some with raised panels, some with tiny names on the top, and some drawn iron railings on the sides. If you are on the hunt for new internal doors, check out panel doors at Internal Doors UK.

The most important thing to consider when shopping for a new front door is style. Standard 4-panel style internal doors are typically found on lower priced houses and apartments. This type of door often features a solid wood frame. 4 Panel Oak doors are popular due to their durability, strength and beauty.

1930s Style Panelled Doors

Give your home the style of 1930s style with this tutorial on how to style 1930s style panelled doors. This style was common in homes in the early 20th century because it was affordable. You can also use this method to style any period home at any time. Add romantic wood panelling, covered and uncovered stone floors, and marble columns to create a home that feels like a time period.

To get the best out of your interior décor, a 1930s style panelled door is a great choice. The retro look adds depth and personality to any room in your home. Even better, some modern styles look great with antique doors. While many people associate 1950s style wooden doors with small rooms, you can also look forward to larger rooms in your home opening up to new ideas in design. In addition to creating a timeless look, select antique glass doors for the perfect vintage ensemble!

Glazed Panelled Doors

Glazing is becoming more popular in homes as it offers an attractive and modern look to rooms. Panelling is a timber frame that is added to a door to improve its appearance and durability. The added durability is an added benefit as it can withstand heavy traffic and heavy weather events. The added beauty (and therefore cost) is that this type of door can be painted instantly without needing a separate session at the painting shop.

The main benefit of Glazed Internal Doors is the natural light. If your interior lacks natural light, internal glazed doors may be the right choice for you. Brighten up those darker areas of your home.

Contemporary panelled doors

The design of the door influences the user experience, as well as its functionality. When choosing a contemporary door, you should pay attention to the materials used and the style they go with. Panelling has become a key component of modern residential architecture. This is because it not only makes a home more welcoming and exciting inside, but it also adds high-end finishes and excellence to the overall look and feel of a home.