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5 Budget Ideas for a First Date in London

Can’t buy me love!

by Afroditi K. (follow her on Twitter: @foustoon)

It is a known fact: you don’t need money to get some love in the air! However, if you are living in London it is normal to feel intimidated by the variety of options suggested when it comes to romantic outings. All those ideas sound terribly romantic but they all cost a fortune as well (dinner at a rooftop bar? Cocktails in the City?). Fret not! We have compiled a list of cool budget ideas which have been tried out by us and at the same time don’t break the bank!

It all comes down to your dating habits and personality really. No one should ever judge a book by its cover, but everyone always judges it after reading a few pages, so make sure to choose a concept for your date that shows a bit about yourself.

Below, we suggest 5 different budget dating ideas that suit different types. Pick your favourite!

#1 Go and see a free film – for the romantic one

I wouldn’t be writing the free films column if I did not genuinely believe that watching a film is always a good idea; even on a first date. Firstly, because all teenage movies suggest so! Boy sits next to the girl, boy casually puts his arm around her. Plus, it gives you some material for conversation afterwards; to be safe avoid any political documentaries which might end in some heated arguments!

You can lots of great free film screenings in London every month. Have a look through my monthly column about the best free film screenings in town.

Ideas for a First Date in London

Pic taken by freefilmfestivals.org

#2 Check out a new and upcoming band – for the alternative ones

When living in a metropolis like London, the music scene is something YOU NEED TO EXPLORE and the LondonGigGuide’s list  is a good starting point for you and that pretty girl/boy who sits next to you in the office.

Alternatively, head towards New Cross Inn! More of a student venue, this place boasts live music every day of the week! Yep that’s right. And most of the gigs are free to enter. For all you know, you might be listening to the next Killers (or not – in my experience it is a very,very thin line!). Browse this month’s listings.

Ideas for a First Date in London

Pic taken by designmynight.com

#3 Enjoy a 3-course meal for £15 in a lovely café  -for the foodies

This is a well-kept secret (..not after this article I guess!) but Bonnington Café is a lovely community café in Vauxhall which takes pride in the fact that prices are fixed and oh-so-low! A 3-course meal will cost you no more than £15 (£3.5 for starters and dessert and £7 for a mains. And it is BYO heaven!). The atmosphere is that of a french bistro meets vegetarian and the menu changes every day ; it is a good place to experiment and re-visit 🙂 By the way you can also check out the article that I’ve written about Community Cafes in London.

Ideas for a First Date in London

Pic taken by thegoldhawkproject.com

#4 Visit Surrey Docks Farm – discover your inner farmer

Ya know, spring is here (for another minute or so) and you should make the best of it. Chances are you are definitely going to have a picnic! Why not combine it with a visit to a farm which will guarantee some funny insta-animal pics? My favourite ones are the Surrey Docks Farm and Muchute Park & Farm. Even if you are dating someone who is not a great talker – this day out guarantees a lot of talking and £0 cost!

5 Budget Ideas for a First Date in London

Pic taken by Afroditi

#5 Spend the day in Greenwich – for the active ones

The route we suggest will take you through some of our favourite stops in Greenwich. It is about 1.8 mile long and according to Google will take you 36 minutes to complete (however I can spent endless hours at Greenwich market!)

You get off Island Gardens DLR (point A) and cross Thames through the foot tunnel. This is a 112-year-old underwater tunnel (how cool is that!) which takes you all the way across the river to Greenwich dock (point B). From there you head to Greenwich market (point C) which is one of my favourite markets for handmade gifts and aromatic filter coffee (takeaway cup costs £1.85). After a short stop there to check out the stalls, cross the park to find yourself in the Royal Observatory (point D). You can actually step on the Prime Meridian line for free using a side entrance (ask the guard!). After admiring the views over Canary Wharf and the rest of London, make your way to our favourite antique shop, the Junk Shop (point E). We have frequently bought tea cups and tin boxes from there and it’s a wicked place!

5 Budget Ideas for a First Date in London

A day in Greenwich

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