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Top 5 Budget Restaurants in London

Our favourite Budget Restaurants in town!

By Lila

This brand new Top 4/5 (we’ll explain this in a minute) is exclusively dedicated to our fattest and greediest friends! Yes, just for you!! We know how difficult is to find a decent and reasonably pricedmeal in London, relying just on luck and without having any suggestion from friends. That’s why we want to help you! According to our first hand experience we’ve selected the best budget restaurants in London regarding the quality of food and the cost. As usual, we’ve written down the most important information about the places (address, menu, specialties, and so on). Finally, this isn’t yet a Top 5. At the moment is just a Top 4. We would like YOU to suggest the best place to eat in London (you can just write the name in the comment section at the bottom of the page)! We’ll then carefully revise all your nominations and select the final fifth restaurant of BrokeinLondon. We hope to get a ton answers, so don’t be lazy and share your food experience!!

#1 Café East – Vietnamese | Surrey Quays

Cafe East is probably the best budget restaurant that serves quality Vietnamese food in the whole London! Main courses prices varies from £6 to £7.50 We totally recommend that you try at least one of the drinks, for example Sam Bo Luong – a traditional Chinese Herbal tea with fruits and jelly, it’s sweet and refreshing.
Where? 100 Redriff Road, Surrey Quays Leisure Park, SE16 7HL

Top 5 Budget Restaurants in London

Cafe East

#2 Churchill Arms | Thai | Notting Hill

Okay, first of all Churchill Arms is a historical place: it was built way back in 1750, making it one of the older pubs in London. In the 1800s, Winston Churchill’s grandparents were regular visitors and this led to the naming of the pub after World War II. Inside you’ll find plenty of Churchill memorabilia hanging from the walls. The amazing thing is that the other half of the pub is a Thai restaurant having its own atmosphere…and literally a jungle of plants and flowers everywhere!! Really nice vibes! The food is really delicious and very affordable. Portions are generous as well! We’ve been there many times and our big bellies were always satisfied!
Where? 119 Kensington Church Street, Notting Hill, W8 7LN

Top 5 Budget Restaurants in London

Churchill Arms

#3 Beatroot | Vegetarian | Soho

This is a vegetarian self-service restaurant in the middle of Soho. The prices are really good: you can choose any combination of hot foods and salads and pay £4.50 for a small plate, £5.80 for a medium and £6.80 for a large. The food is also good quality and prepared with natural ingredients. Finally, Beatroot also offers a selection of smoothies and cakes. Perfect if you want to have a nice, healthy, cheap and fast meal!
Where? 92 Berwick Street, Soho, W1F OQD

Top 5 Budget Restaurants in London



#4 Princi | Italian | Soho

Artisan baker Rocco Princi (not the other famous Italian Rocco…) was the founder of this successful brand of shops (in London and Milan). Princi is both bakery and pizzeria. You can just buy your wood-fired favourite bread, and bring it home, or you can also decide to eat there a slice of pizza while drinking an amazing Spritz. Whatever you decide to do, the food will not disappoint you!
Where? 135 Wardour Street, Soho, W1F 0UT

Top 5 Budget Restaurants in London


5. Finally the fifth one it’s up to you!

So start suggesting using the comment box below!

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