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5 Tips for Getting a Coffee Job

London’s Coffee Scene is Full of Opportunity

By Manolis

For those in a hunt for their first job in London, one of the best jobs going and quite easy to get is to work in a coffee house- with thousands of cafes right across the capital, and a high turnover rate in the industry, it can be a good route into steady work, as well as great experience.

While we’ve already looked at good ways to find a coffee job in London, you can never do better than going straight to a specialist in coffee jobs like the London Coffee Jobs Board (we have reviewed here). We asked James, the person behind the job board to tell us his 5 super tips for anyone looking to find work in cafes or coffee shops around London.

5 Tips for Getting a Coffee Job

Pic taken by Workshop Coffee Co. Facebook page

#1 Tailor Your Application

It seems obvious but way too many applicants turn up to a jobs site and blanket-apply to the top dozen or so jobs. Take the time to read the job description, as many employers now ask for specific things to be included – often to weed out people who haven’t bothered to read the advert properly!

#2 Passion Vs Experience

For many people wanting to get into coffee, the requirement for experience seems a difficult hurdle to overcome. However, most employers will want to train up staff to in house standards. What can’t be taught is passion for coffee – something every employer is looking for.

#3 Go and Have a Coffee

If you love coffee then you should probably go and check out the cafe you’re applying to. For the cost of a shot of espresso you’ll know enough about the cafe to tailor your application a little more, to make your CV stand out.

#4 Don’t Expect to be Chased

Most cafes in London are constantly on the look out for staff, and cafe owners are generally pretty short on time. Too many people don’t give enough information on their initial application, and request that the employer calls them for more information. Don’t do this – you’re unlikely to get a follow up call.

#5 If you’ve got Experience: Cherry Pick

The high staff turnover in the world of cafes is a challenge for employers. They’re looking for someone who will stay for a while, who will be worth investing in. If your CV lists a dozen cafes you’ve worked then you don’t just look experienced, you look like you’re going to up and leave pretty soon. Pick the best of your experience to showcase.

So if you’re still interested in applying (and why wouldn’t you be), James’ website is one of the best places to start with. Your next job might just be a click away. Follow London Coffee Jobs on Twitter (@ldncoffeejobs) for instant updates.

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