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7 tips to get you that internship or job in London

Struggling on how to find that dream internship or job? There are a variety of simple and effective ways you can start doing things differently today to find the right opportunity. Landing an internship or a job that you want is a dream come true. Do not miss your chances by overlooking these 7 important steps when you are applying for that desired position.

#1 Make a List

Start by making a list of your preferred companies. Equip yourself by doing a thorough research on the company, its vision and the key roles that they are hiring for.

#2 Be Active on Social Media

Employers are increasingly looking to social media to find their brightest candidates. Follow these companies on your favourite social media platforms and keep a look-out for any job announcements.

#3 Polish up your CV

Get your trusted mentors and friends to review your CV to ensure that you have a well-rounded document. Not sure where to start? Check out this article to kick-start the process.

#4 Be selective and smart

Ensure that you have tweaked your cover letter and CV based on the job description of the role and company that you’re applying to. Simply sending out thousands of similar applications to companies looking for different skill-sets will not help.

For instance, focusing on your musical talent when you’re applying for a position that requires a person e with writing and editing skills, will not make you stand out from the crowd. Instead, you should include links to any publications and any relevant editorial experience you have in your application.

#5 Network your way in

We know this can be difficult, and awkward. However, to really find that sweet spot in your career – you have to be able to approach the right people at the right time — after having done your homework, of course.

See a student or industry event that involves your focus area or a conference organised by a company you follow? Make sure you are there, and ready to network.

#6 Be punctual and look the part

Your application got noticed. A company that you really like contacts you to arrange for a telephonic or an in-person interview. When the day comes, make sure that you’re on time. Unforeseeable delays can always happen, so always allow some buffer time for yourself. Employers notice if you’re late and first impressions are very important.

#7 Be honest, be yourself, be comfortable

We’re not saying that this is all you need. But, once you’ve done the non-negotiable basics above and, you now find yourself at the interview table — ease up, take a breath and be yourself. You’ve made it this far and your true personality now needs to come forth. Employers want a person who is likeable and honest, one who will fit in well with the team. It is now up to you to prove that you have got what they are looking for.