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7 Ways to Find the Best Job for Introverts

Guest post by Perla Aroyo

Being an introvert in a world designed for extroverts can be a curse. You just know some things don’t work for you as they work for others. Many people would say to suck it up and try harder, but there’s nothing you can do about it. But it doesn’t mean you have to suffer.

A job search can be a lot quicker if you know what suits you and how to avoid common mistakes. A perfect place for an introverted person can be just around the corner, but you have to put some extra magic on your CV. And if you have zero clues about ATS automation, you might need to find top-notch cv writing services to succeed with your dream job quest. In that case, a bot-beating resume will be just another burden off your shoulders.

As you pass the applicant tracking system and land an interview, it is a matter of time to get employed. Yet, the main problem stays the same – many recruiters would brush over an introverted personality. Many people misinterpret shyness as introversion. In reality, introverts can be leaders and manage a heavy workload – they just approach it differently.

Just remember: being an introvert doesn’t make you less qualified or adjusted for a job. It is your superpower.

Avoid Pretending to Be Someone You’re Not

First of all, don’t try to pretend to be an extrovert. Even if you are a genius actor and it worked for you before, eventually, it will lead to burnout. You can’t reach your full potential when spending too much energy on maintaining a facade. Feel comfortable in your skin and be honest with everyone about it.

Work on Your Weaknesses

We all know about highlighting our strengths and presenting the best of us. However, it is important to work on weaknesses that you might have. For instance, anxiety is a real struggle for many introverted people. You have to find techniques that will help you manage your stress and ground you in a crisis moment.

There is no perfect formula that works for everyone. You shouldn’t give up if you fail to improve as quickly as you want to. It is also a practice to accept and care for yourself.

Give Yourself Time

Don’t try to run ahead of the train and hop from one interview to another. It won’t do you a favor if you burn out during a job search. Try to find something that makes you happy, be it a book or a comforting movie. Going to interviews in a good mood and with enough energy can boost your confidence and increase your chances to make a good impression.

Dedicate Time for a Company Research

It is essential to research the company where you apply. Many job-search platforms offer employees the opportunity to leave a review and rate their current or former employer. Usually, people have nothing to lose, and they try to be as honest as possible. Read all reviews thoughtfully because some of them won’t be relevant for you.

You can also double-check the company of your interest on other websites and blogs. Sometimes, it is also important to look at what customers think about it and how the social media manager handles the situation. Knowing more about your potential employers can reduce anxiety and boost your confidence as you learn more about them and their services.

Practice Makes It Perfect

Any employer would be happy to have you if you have something to bring to the table. But the first impression is crucial for anyone. Many extraverts with a lower qualification indeed snatch open positions because they are more “open” and easier to read.

Practice most common interview questions beforehand. Yes, it’s painful to rehearse before the mirror and overthink every step. Yet, it gives you an upper hand. Even if the conversation will go beyond the script, you will feel more confident when knowing what to address.

Remember that interviews are not interrogations and you should not fear them. You can also prepare a list of questions you would like to ask a recruiter to maintain a friendly conversation and learn more about the position.

Make Your Professional Profiles Stand Out

Many people land a job because of networking, referrals, and recommendations. If you are a classic case of a person with a smaller social circle, it can be frustrating. Nevertheless, with the rise of social media, it became easier to expand your professional network and avoid energy-draining socializing. Here are just a few platforms for your consideration:

  • Indeed
  • Behance
  • Glassdoor
  • CareerBuilder
  • LinkedIn
  • Scouted

However, a smaller social circle doesn’t mean less quality communication. Stay in touch with your ex-colleagues and try to be active in digital platforms.

Prepare an Outstanding Portfolio

In some cases, your social skills are the last thing your employer would ask you about. The portfolio that lists your projects and accomplishments is proof of your qualification. It is especially important for people in creative industries. Always have a binder that showcases your progress and growth.

Here are some online portfolio builder platforms you can check:

  • Canva
  • WordPress
  • Behance
  • Wix
  • Crevado
  • Squarespace

Wrapping Up

Don’t expect to find a perfect job overnight. You need to practice and take care of yourself during your new job search journey. It also takes practice to be proud of your identity and make it your biggest strength.

It is also okay to be confused about where to begin. Tidying your portfolio and professional social accounts can be a good start!