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A Budget Weekend In Eindhoven

By Namra

In case you are looking out for a relaxing and adventurous getaway trip at the same time, then Eindhoven might be the perfect place for you! Even though there would be a lot to visit here, if you are up for a short duration, weekend trip – then undoubtedly a getaway to Eindhoven might just be the best budget-friendly and hassle-free trip for you.

Eindhoven is one of the largest cities in North Brabant, Netherlands. It is from amongst one of the best tourist cities to roam around and have a good time. Also, did you know it houses some of the best contemporary and modern art showcases?

Planning Ahead!

Now, this is the most important option, to begin with. With your trip being a budgeted one, you need to keep an eye on all possible expenses and even keep an extra amount of cash, if needed in an emergency.

Planning your trip out – this includes all the sightseeing, food, accommodation, and other miscellaneous expenses would indeed be a smart move at the start of your trip. It would save you the headache of getting out of your budget in the long run.

Traveling from London to Eindhoven – What Are My Options?

Traveling from London to Eindhoven would indeed be enjoyable and would mark the beginning of a fulfilling trip in itself.

There are several options for you to opt for – all depending on your convenience and ease of travel. You can opt for traveling either by bus, train, by car, or by ferry. If you are located outside London or are traveling from another country, then obviously, a flight would suffice for you.

These are all pocket-friendly options to consider, and the best part? All of them will take you to your weekend destination, Eindhoven within the next ten hours!

Just Reached Eindhoven – What Next?

Considering that you have already planned your trip, it would be safe to say that you would have booked your accommodation in advance too. There are several Airbnb or guesthouse options to choose from as per your liking and affordability factor.

A smart option would be to opt for a place that is in the center of the city – not too close to the attractions and not too far away either. You are likely to come across cheaper options this way as well.

Car Rentals For The Win!

Even though there are Uber and other taxi options to avail, they wouldn’t give you the option of enjoying the freedom and independence that you must be craving, right?

So, in this case, the first place where you should go after reaching here is a car rental in Eindhoven. The city is full of affordable options with luxurious and cool cars to choose from, and so your work would be done within a few minutes of landing here.

A very good option for you to explore in this regard is the BBL Carrental. They provide VIP services to all their customers by giving them the choice to book a car of their choice before arriving in Eindhoven.

You may opt for a package as per your liking – whether it is a corporate trip, a short visit, or a family trip, there are several options available for you.

Must-Visit Places and Spots In Eindhoven

With everything settled now, you may go to your accommodation, relax a bit and get set to go sightseeing. You might have already planned to visit some places based on your research, but here are some other popular options to explore that a person visiting Eindhoven must surely visit to make their visit worthwhile:

  • The DAF Museum: 

The DAF museum dates back to being established in the 1920s. It is owned by a trick manufacturing company and is full of the company’s story, their prototype truck designs, and never-launched models. It would indeed be a great experience visiting this museum if you are a car-lover.

  • St. Catherine’s Church: 

St. Catherine of Alexandria’s Church is again, one of the oldest sightseeing sights present in Eindhoven. It was built in the 1800s and till now, it still possesses the same charm and elegance that it had before being subjected to the bombing of World War II. Indeed, a pleasant sight for the admirers of beauty!

  • Van Abbe Museum:

This museum harbors some of the best modern and contemporary art pieces for art fanatics. It also has some of the best works of Picasso, Kandinsky, and other painters.

Return Back Home!

And finally, after having a lovely weekend, you would be happy and energetic as ever to go back home with some wonderful memories and souvenirs to remember this trip.