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Amazon Style CV

Philippe Dubost’s incredible Amazon style CV

When it comes about selling your brand (meaning yourself! don’t take it wrong, we’re talking about your job search), the way you sell might be equal to what you sell and being creative and unique can be very crucial, important and of course can bring success.. For example, would you ever create a web page just for your job search? Philippe Dubost, who is a web product manager did this and created a massive buzz around his name!

Philippe didn’t just create a common webpage to show his CV or portfolio (that would be super boring..) but he developed a fancy super-creative Amazon style CV that reminds a common Amazon product page. The best part is that the webpage is interactive as you can check several options and functions (check out reviews, add to cart and more.. however if you decide to check out don’t expect him to arrive to your door by mail) and it’s also updated real-time. Is that cool or what???

You can find Philippe’s interview about the project through CV-Originaux (however, the interview is in French, so you might need to use google translate).
Philippe Dubost's Amazon style cv