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Are You a Snow Enthusiast? Do You Love Skiing?

Guest post by Hannah Madison

Looking to go on your first ski trip? Wondering what to expect, or what to bring with you? St. Anton is a village and ski resort in Austria. It takes skiing to another level by offering:

  • Over 305 km of ski slopes
  • A varied range of tracks varying in difficulty

This makes you appreciate each level, creating a memorable trip.

St. Anton

St. Anton is highly rated as being one of the top skiing resorts in the world. It also features other activities, such as many site-seeing spots, whirlpools, lifts, and water slides. They rent out advanced, modern ski gear. Along with their challenging slopes, they also offer less difficult slopes geared specifically towards beginners. Additionally, the Sky World Cup was held there in 2001.

Things You Should Know Before Skiing

  1. Wear a helmet

Helmets are a necessity while skiing if you don’t want to leave with a major injury.

  1. Use proper skiing equipment

If you’re a beginner, it will be difficult to learn if you’re using old ski gear that hasn’t been properly maintained. If you don’t have your own well-maintained ski gear, you should rent out St. Anton’s modern equipment so that you can have fun without worry. Ski hire in St. Anton is fast, easy and offers modern facilities.

  1. Learn some skills.

Don’t be afraid to take some ski classes, even if you’re not a beginner. Ask an instructor or a friend to teach you. The more you know what you’re doing, the more confidence you’ll have. This makes the experience fun, and you’ll be less of a danger to yourself and others.

  1. Don’t feel humiliated.

Don’t be embarrassed, or compare yourself to others, and don’t try to do things you’re not confident in yet. Always be thoughtful of other skiers on the slop. Don’t worry about being slow, if there are skiers behind you, they will go around.

  1. Wear properly fitting boots.

Your skiing boots should fit properly on your feet to avoid injuries. Boots that are too small will hurt your feet. Bigger boots will chafe, and won’t allow you to make a proper turn.

  1. Avoid stopping at edges.

This is the worst place to stop on a ski slope, as skiers coming from above can’t see you. This can cause accidents or injuries. Always be careful and stick to highly visible areas. Better to be safe than sorry.

  1. Avoid going down a slope at full speed.

Speed is not the only quality of a good skier, and it can actually be very dangerous. Only go as fast as you can ski well. You don’t want to hurt yourself or others around you.

  1. Be patient

You can’t learn an entirely new skill in one day. Skiing is tricky, takes time, and can be exhausting. It is important to give your body a break so that you can have the energy to try again next time.

  1. Travel insurance

Finally, check with your insurance provider to ensure you are adequately covered in case you do have an injury or emergency. In the event of an accident, you’ll want to be well taken care of.

Importance of Skiing

  1. It is fun and improves mood.
  2. Lower body muscles are strengthened. It works on the inner and outer thighs since you will be constantly in a squatting position.
  3. It makes you flexible, reducing muscle sprains and strains.
  4. Bones and joints become stronger. Joints strengthen when the knees tolerate the tension and weight while bones are affected by the impact of bearing weight.
  5. It improves core strength and maintains balance.


St. Anton is an international and modern resort with innovative facilities. Skiing is a fun-filled activity that is healthy and worth a try. Weight distribution, edging, and pressure are important conditions for you to control your ski. Before skiing, ensure you have ski gear that works well and is well maintained, which can be rented at St. Anton’s ski resort.