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How to Buy an Office Wardrobe on a Budget

Simple Tips to Help You Find the Perfect Outfit Without Breaking the Bank

By Charlotte Granger (Sponsored post)

If you’re in need of an office wardrobe makeover or upgrade, or if you’ve never worked in an office before and you’re completely starting from scratch, rest assured that you can get the professional attire that you need on a budget. Even though it may seem as though office wardrobes are pricey, there are ways to achieve a great look without breaking the bank. Continue reading to learn how.

Find Pieces That Can Serve More Than One Function

Start by looking for clothing and accessories that can work multiple ways. For example, you may find a pretty black dress that can be worn for an evening event and to the office. Or you can purchase a fashionable tote bag that you can use to carry necessary paperwork and supplies to and from work, as well as for shopping on the weekend. This will help you build a wardrobe for pleasure and for work that looks professional and clean, and you won’t be spending extra money on clothes that are solely for the workplace.

Spend Time Finding the Right Essentials

Pick out a few key essentials that you can mix and match to create a variety of outfits with the same pieces.

For women, some of the key pieces include black pumps, a trouser-suit, a tote bag, a few blouses or camisoles, a brown or black pencil skirt, and a couple of professional dresses, including one that’s black and one that’s a different colour. It’s also a good idea to purchase a more formal outfit for any special events that your company may invite you to attend.

Men, on the other hand, can focus on a few different button-down shirts, various ties, some long-sleeve jumpers, dress trousers, and a couple of suits. Again, mix and match various colours to create new outfits throughout the week using the same few items. And, like women, you should also purchase at least one outfit that you can wear to formal events, such as those at Christmas venues.

Keep Your Clothes in Great Condition

Once you’ve purchased your essentials and accessories, you want to take the best care of your clothes to keep them looking great for as long as possible. This is especially important if you took the route of purchasing your fashion at a discount store, as these items tend to deteriorate more quickly.

Focus on properly dry cleaning, washing, and storing your clothes for the best results. And if you would rather spend a bit more money on higher quality pieces, you can always purchase them gradually.

Now that you know a few of the ways that you can save money on your office wardrobe, you can look your best while still sticking to your budget. Gradually add to your work wardrobe by adding a new piece here and there, whether it is a new pair of trousers, a new top, or a new dress or pair of shoes. And remember to accessorise, as this, too, can make the same outfit look different.

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