C4 Work Experience Programme - Broke in London

C4 Work Experience Programme

Spend a week or two at Channel 4

Did you always wanted to work at Channel 4? If you’re a Media student or you want to build a career in the media industry, don’t miss this chance to apply for C4 Work Experience Programme. If you’re lucky, you’ll do a work placement in one of their departments (there are lots of different options from Marketing and Commissioning to Online and Information Systems). Now the two bad facts: 1st, To apply you’ll need to have been to a 4Talent Day, a 4Talent Talk or another Channel 4 event (I added in the bad factors as I’ve never been to any of these..so I wouldn’t have any chance to apply) in the last two years and 2nd, The placement is unpaid and just for 1 or 2 weeks.. However it will sure be a great experience to work at Channel 4 don’t you think? Applications are now open so click here  for more details. Deadline 21/06/2013!
C4 Work Experience Programme