Cab it! - Broke in London

Cab it!

Night bus with the drunkards or a comfy cabbie?

Ever heard of Addison Lee? Well you might want to familiarise yourself with them as they are the most well-known taxi agency in London! If a group of you (4 to 5 people) are out late at night struggling to get back to your nice comfy beds and wondering how many buses will you have to change, it may well be worth checking the prices of taxis…(no it’s not a joke!) As an example, four of us once shared a taxi at £3 each from Hackney Wick to Canada Water! So, if you are sure that you’ll need to change 2 to 3 buses (which means £2,70 to £4,05) to get back why not checking if there are any local minicab offices or just ring Addison Lee just to check if they have a better deal to offer! You might have to pay £1 or £2 more but you will definitely save energy and time to sleep more!

P.S If you call a local minicab always remember to bargain! It always works!

Use the widget below to get an instant quote and remember to use the promo code ‘HELLO10‘ to get £10 off your first web and app booking.