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Orange Wednesdays

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By Joshua Neil

The middle of the week is always the hardest, and just at that time when you want to go out and relax with friends, you’re often getting cautious of the week’s budget and starting to horde your change. It can be frustrating, and for those with a large friendship group, going out for a film or a pizza can be daunting, especially when ‘splitting the cost’ starts to rear its ugly head.

How To Get Orange Wednesdays

That’s why for those on the Orange network, Orange Wednesdays provides two-for-one cinema tickets every Wednesday– great for seeing friends and going out when you’re on a budget. Simply text Film to 241 to receive your code- which does, admittedly, cost 35p per text– and then show that code at your local cinema- that easy! In fact, EE customers can now get exactly the same deal- so text away!

Orange Wednesdays

Fun for film lovers- Orange Wednesdays

Want Even More?

Even better, Orange have teamed up with Pizza Express, so that with the very same code you can receive two-for-one pizzas too! With such fantastic deals, great savings can be made on your nights out, all through your phone network.

For those with different devices, there is now also an Orange Wednesdays app to deliver Orange Wednesdays straight to your other products, including the iPhone, Android and Blackberry. Filled with extra features such as an Out Now film list, trailers for upcoming movies, an ability to invite friends via email and also write your own reviews, the app turns Orange Wednesdays into a great tool for any film lover.

Best UK Money Saving Apps - Orange Wednesdays

Orange Wednesdays Mobile App

Extra Tip

A great additional tip is that Orange Wednesdays can be used together with a Cineworld unlimited card, meaning that you can basically get a free ticket!

Find out more through the Orange Wednesdays page. For dedicated film fans, the Orange Film Twitter account (@orangefilm) has extra trivia, exclusives and competitions, so take a look!

Orange Wednesdays aren’t the only way to get free film tickets, find out about Showfilmfirst.